Wednesday, 1 February 2017

February 1st already

February 1st and the temperature has gone up (for a while) The south of the UK has a warning of high winds for the end of the week and then from mid February the weather forecasters are suggesting the temperature will fall once again. I hope not as it gets in the way of walking. Not to worry however because wet, windy, cold and unsettled weather can only mean one thing ... more sewing. It is rather nice to be snug and warm indoors working at the sewing machine or hand stitching while the rain falls outside. 

This morning I had a few things to do for work and then I was able to take stock of my projects and decide what to work on this month for the one monthly goal. What seems like forever ago I started making the blocks for the Austen Family Album run by Barbara Brackman which has now finished but the blocks are still available. I started the blocks because I love the work of Jane Austen and Barbara includes a lot of history with the blocks. I haven't finished them all but I have the posts all saved. I decided I would try to get all the blocks made this month. There are 36 blocks and they finish at 12 inches. Some are quite intricate as always with her blocks but generally the instructions are clear. I completed her Votes for Women quilt and learnt a lot of techniques by the time I'd completed it. Here are 2 of my completed blocks for the Austen quilt. There are more but I can't find the photos at the moment.

So my main goal this month to be to try and finish all the blocks. Since I fancy having a block making month I have several I need to get making for the Bear's Paw quilt. 

Having identified my goal for the month I need to start rushing around getting the things together that we need for  Rainbows, Brownies and Guides tonight. We're cooking with the younger girls but can't remember the itinerary for the Guides. I'm hoping they were actually working in their groups doing their own projects as then I'd be able to sit and chill a little and sort out some of my photos. The rest of the week I'm busy as I'm teaching all day for the next 2 days but the weekend will be here soon and I'm going to an exhibition of medieval embroidery at the Victoria and Albert Museum (otherwise known as the V and A). I haven't visited since the wedding dress exhibition last year.

I'm linking up with Elm Street Quilts for the February goal setting party.



  1. Pretty blocks. Love the fabrics you're using.

  2. The medieval exhibition at the V & A sounds wonderful, enjoy your visit. I do hope you will be able to take photos while you are there, to show us.

  3. These are fun blocks. Thanks for linking up with Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal and good luck on your February project.