Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Christmas Tree decorating

Today I decorated the Christmas tree. I put it up on Friday evening with the intention that after my birthday dinner we would all decorate the tree together. My family have over the years complained that I always do the tree on my own so I thought they would all jump at the chance at being involved but I was proved wrong. No problem, I completed my favourite job of the year with just a bit of help from Richard. He helpfully put the star on the very top. I also put the nativity out but I have yet to find the Christmas table runners. I also realised I hadn't done my cards yet so spent a little time doing them. I like to send and receive cards but a lot of my friends have gone over to using e cards.  This evening I'm a little nearer being ready for Christmas.

The tree is over 7 feet and rather difficult to photograph. Years ago when the children were young the tree always had homemade decorations and this year we also have two homemade decorations.  One of the activities at the event we took the Rainbows to on Saturday was to make these tree decoration using pom poms and fir cones. Our tree is now sporting two of these decorations.

I told you I'd bought some fabric for my curtains but I hadn't taken a photo so here it is. This one is for the front window,

and this gorgeous red is for the dinning room window. 

Tomorrow I am working and in the evening we have our end of year party for Rainbows, Brownies and Guides so I won't have much free time but I must find a vegan cake recipe as I promised to make one for the half way house Christmas meal. Weston Lodge is a half way house for homeless men and on Christmas day they have a communal meal together. 

John and Lucy both have bad colds and as a result are a little grumpy at present. I have had a mild cold but feel much better. I was fit enough to have my flu jab on Sunday. I've never bothered to have one before but after this year I made the decision to do as much as possible to stay fit and well,that included having a flu jab for the first time. Several of my colleagues warned me not to as it would hurt and I'd get ill but there was no pain involved and my arm hasn't ached at all, plus I'm not planning on being unwell.

It's nearly time for bed but I can do some stitching for half an hour if I finish this post now. I'm enjoying working on Earlene. I hope the weathers OK where you are. Here in London it's cold but dry. The snow has gone and I don't think it is predicted to return in the near future.



  1. The tree is lovely. Your fabrics are pretty. With our traveling it doesn't feel much like Christmas, but the decorations all around the places we visit are helpful reminders.

  2. Glad you are doing well. Your tree is beautiful and very festive.

  3. Your tree has such nice shape and the decorations make it quite beautiful! Happy Holidays!