Monday 19 September 2022

Back to some sewing

It's been a while since I last posted and also since I last did any sewing - weeks in fact. Friday was a sewing day and I really enjoyed it. John wanted to go walking but I have a very painful knee so I stayed home. My knee hasn't stopped me from doing short walks so before I got started I took Missy for a walk. The weather was warm and dry and we both enjoyed our slow walk. Missy has discovered the joy of sniffs and was stopping frequently to enjoy flowers and anything else that looked like it needed to be sniffed.

Back at home I got my light box out so I could draw out another stitchery pattern. This one is done in redwork. It took a little time to trace it out. Later I'll find the thread I need to complete it. I've had the pattern some time but had originally decided not to stitch it. The pattern came in my quilting subscription box from Bramble Patch.

Next I started work on the table centre for my friend. When I last wrote I had cut the fabric. This is the pattern I'm using, it is also from Bramble Patch.

I got the main pieces stitched together and I now need to add the appliqued flowers.

In my last post I showed you the fabric I was using for the new quilt I started, so here is the pattern.

here are the fabrics again. Yesterday I finished cutting out all the triangles I need. Now I can start the sewing.

I also need a new pencil case. I wanted a bigger case and I decided a zipper pouch would do the job perfectly. Choosing the fabric I wanted took a little time but once I'd made a decision on that, it stitched together very quickly.

The pouch was very easy to make and I can see a couple more of these being made in the future. One would be perfect for my watercolour brushes and I need one for my make up.

By this time I was getting a little tired and Missy needed another walk so I tidied up my sewing bits. The weather was still warm and we had a lovely afternoon walk. Once home again I settled down to finish the book I was reading.

Another murder mystery. It's very well written and was one of those books where I kept saying 'I'll just read a couple more pages' when I should have been getting ready for bed.

The weekend was very busy with family. Katy and Aubrey were visiting on Saturday. Aubrey  is so interested in everything and loves it when you sing to him. He also likes to join in, making those lovely baby sounds. On Sunday Lucy and I had agreed to help Katy finish sorting out the art store cupboard at work and then go shopping. The cupboard has been sorted and cleaned to within an inch of its life. Shopping was fun and the three of us enjoyed tea and cake as our reward for all the hard work. Back at home later in the evening, I found my embroidery thread and made a start on the Christmas stitchery. I didn't get very far as I was so tired so went to bed. 

Today is the Queen's funeral and I will have the TV on for some of the coverage. The last state funeral was in 1965 for Sir Winston Churchill. I was 11 and I was fascinated by the ceremony and tradition.  

Tomorrow I'm back at work for three days and then John and I have a short break in Devon over the weekend before a weeks holiday the f
following week.

Take Care