Sunday 11 September 2016

Slow Sunday Stitching.

It great that it's time for slow Sunday stitching as yesterday I quite wore myself out with speedy Saturday quilting. I knew if I got a wriggle on I could more or less finish the quilting on the 9 patch quilt. I had some work to do for work so I paced myself by doing 2 hours of work followed by 1 hour of sewing. This way I don't feel bad doing things for work on a day off. Yesterday was wet here in London so I wasn't missing out on time to be enjoying the outdoors. By the end of yesterday the quilting was almost completed but that left the final bits and sewing in the ends to be done today. Not an exciting bit of hand stitching or even one people notice once the quilt is finished but it is very satisfying. I know some people just clip the ends off but I just can't bring myself to do that. 

I shall be finishing the quilting once I've finished this post. I can already tell you that next weekend will see me hand stitching the binding to the back of the quilt. I know I could do this on the machine but I enjoy the job and it doesn't take that long, especially with a good film on the TV. I do have to decide what to bind it with before then.

During the week I received a little package in the post that was most exciting. I know in other countries and particularly in America you can get subscription boxes for fabric and notions but I couldn't find one here. Buying from America isn't really an options as you can end up paying a lot of money in taxes. So when I came across a new service just starting in the UK by The Bramble Patch I signed up. The box is only small as they planned it to fit through the average letter box and this is reflected in the price. 

Inside the contents are protected by tissue. This will go into our brownie craft box as tissue paper is really useful.

It was an odd feeling opening the box as I was excited but worried whether I would like the contents.

I shouldn't have worried as as the contents is fine. The charm pack is really pretty and I have a plan for this. The FQ is a very useful colour and the measuring gauge has already been put to use. As you can see there is also some thread and a pattern, oh and Scamp's paw. He was being a little possessive. I'm happy with this months box and so long as it doesn't turn out to be very 'samey' (is there such a word) I will continue to be happy. It's also an odd coincidence that the pattern is for a cutting mat bag, as I had been thinking about making one since my cutting mat goes to Guides with me when we are making quilts or doing any sewing.

If I have time tonight or tomorrow I'm going to sort out my stash. I don't have much yardage but I do have a good supply of fat quarters and a couple of charm packs. I have a new project in mind but need to check what I have before I go to the shop.

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Sunday 4 September 2016

Slow Sunday Stitching.

Today I planned to finish my marking but I decided to award myself a couple of hours sewing before I got started. I had fun quilting some more of the 9 patch quilt. This quilt is for Lucy but when she popped in to see me she asked who I was making it for. She was very pleased when I reminded her it was going to be hers. She's been so busy between her new job and her MSc that she'd forgotten all about it. I didn't get much sewing done as we sat and chatted but there's always tomorrow.

For my Slow Sunday stitching I grabbed my camp blanket and settled down to sew on some more badges whilst watching TV this evening. Today the weather has been very overcast here in London and as evening wore on it started to rain and the temperature dropped dramatically. It was rather nice sitting with the camp blanket over my knees as I stitching the badges on.

This blanket has been around for quite a while and has done a fair amount of travelling. The farthest it's gone is to Switzerland. I've taken it to Switzerland each time we've gone with our Guide unit, so in 2001, 2006, 1010 and 2013. Our next trip is in August next year and I'm trying to get all my badges sewn on before then. I love collecting the badges for the events and camps we go on but I never seem to get round to stitching them on the blanket. I think I have between 2 and 3 hundred that need to be sewn on! I also know I've got some duplicate badges and I have to keep checking I haven't sewn any duplicates on. As I'm stitching the badges on it brings back the memories of the camps and the fun we have had. This is a fun activity to do with Lucy as she has been on most of the camps with me, both as a youth member and now as an adult leader.

For now the stitching needs to go away and I need to prepare my things for the morning as I want to get into work early. I'm linking this post with Kathy's Slow Sunday Stitching linky party


Saturday 3 September 2016

September Plans

September rather crept up on me. one minute I was enjoying holiday time and then it's suddenly September and time for a new group of students to start. At this rate it will be Christmas before I know it. As I'm getting rather behind with my quilting projects I need to make some plans to stay on track. I need to be incredibly organised this year as I am basically working full time from October and that doesn't leave a lot of time for sewing.  With this in mind I decided I needed to boost my sewing in September while I have a chance, so I am setting myself several goals.

1. Finish quilting the 9 patch scrappy quilt.

Today I have been quilting the blocks and I am now over halfway. That will still leave the sashing to do and the binding but one way or another this quilt is being finished this month.

This is my one monthly goal and the one that must be finished if at all possible.

2. Quilt Buddy's quilt. 

I have the backing and the wadding so I need to put it all together. At the very least I want to make up the quilt sandwich ready to start the quilting next month.

3. It's a dog's life quilt

Again this quilt is all stitched and ready to be prepared for quilting. I would like to get it all prepared so I can quilt it during November. Between now and then I need to decide how I want to quilt it.

4. Cross stitch the Celtic Knot bookmark

This is only a small piece and I should be able to finish it, especially as I have several train journeys in my future. I will probably use this as a Christmas gift but I haven't finally made up my mind as I love Celtic Cross patterns and I need a new bookmark!

5. Catch up with the RSC 2016

This year I'm making granny square blocks and at the moment I'm a couple of months behind on the colours. 

I think that's enough to be going on with after all I've got to be realistic. If I should finish the bookmark I'll switch in the Christmas tree cross stitch or the millennium sampler.

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Here in London it's raining so I going back to my quilting. I've already taken Scamp for his walk and I have no need to stop for a little while.