Sunday 21 July 2024

Weekly catch up

 Although I haven't posted this week I have been working on my various projects. By the time I remember I need to write a post it's late and I'm ready for bed. I need to think of a way to fit it into my week. Anyway catch up time, what have I been up to? 

First up I've done a lot of knitting and yesterday I finished the back of the jumper I'm working on. This is long line jumper rather than just to below the waist. I'm quite slow with knitting as I have wrist problems and so I can only knit for a limited period each day. It was a joy when I started the shaping as the rows got shorter and I could get more done. I love the green of this yarn.

I have also been working on the grandmother's garden quilt. This is an English paper piecing project and is all sewn by hand so it is taking a while. It would be finished more quickly if I hadn't decided to make it using 1 inch hexagons. I'm working on a round of red and have enjoyed pulling all my red or pink fabrics with flowers on them. It is slowly growing and I think i am now about half way round this row. The quilt is almost at the size my daughter wants and from the next round I will be starting to make it into a rectangle or square (depending on my daughter's decision). I love the colours in this round.

Both of these projects are hand stitching and are great in the evening if we are watching something on the TV or just sitting and chatting as a family.

Over the week I also worked on the dinosaur quilt. I am currently making the triceratops dinosaurs. Earlier in the week I completed cutting out the dinosaur fabrics and the background fabrics in preparation for starting the sewing. On Friday I managed to complete three of the dinosaurs.

They need a good press and to be trimmed but I'm happy with how they went together. I will try to finish the other three over this week. That would leave the remaining set of 6 T Rex dinosaurs to make before I can put the whole quilt together. The only fabric bought for this quilt has been the grey background fabric. All the rest were from my fat quarter or scrap collection.

Yesterday I spent a little time planning for later this year into next year. I have been asked to make the Cats in Pyjamas quilt and I want to make a quilt for a colleague who loves shoes and bags. In order to fit them in I need to finish the dinosaur quilt and the Red manor house quilt.

This coming week is the Something smells fishy blog hop organised by carol from Just Let Me Quilt. Here is the schedule for the week.


I can't wait to see what everyone has made. I'm linking this post with Kathy from Kathy's Quilts for her Slow Sunday Stitching 

Take care