Monday, 15 August 2022

A finish and a start

 On Friday I set myself a challenge of sewing the binding down on the Noah's Ark quilt. It was very hot and so I wasn't sure I could get it done but I took it in short bursts. Although it is a baby quilt and therefore not that big, it was still very warm to have on my lap. By the end of Friday the quilt was finish and I just need to add the label. The quilt will be staying at our house for a while. Katy and Olly are in the process of buying a house and hope to move in early September. 

The pattern for the embroidery is by Lynette Anderson and is available from Little quilt store as a pdf. I increased the pattern size by 160%. I really enjoyed stitching the blocks. I used another of Lynette Anderson's designs 'Bunny Garden' for a baby quilt I made last year. This quilt was gifted to one of Katy's friends.

I also completed another bird house stitchery. I need to find my crayons so I can colour the remaining stitcheries.

Today I did some cutting to start a new quilt. I only cut the strips as I need to cut a triangle template. The fabric for this quilt is Indigo Elements by Stuart Hillard for the Craft Cotton Co. I particularly like the fabric at the front of the photo.

I also cut fabric for a table centre that will be a gift for a friend. This pattern uses Antique Reproduction prints.

This week I have enjoyed reading another book. This time, The Christie Affair by Nina de Gramont. I couldn't put this book down. I found myself picking it up to read between jobs and every time I stopped for a cup tea or coffee.

I think I need to take a rest from reading and get on with some stitching. Tomorrow my car is having it's annual service. John and I will drop it off and then we are going walking. It was supposed to rain this evening but it didn't. I hope it doesn't rain while we're out walking. 

Take care