Monday 27 November 2023

The end of November already!

I really don't know how it got so late in the month and I've only written one post.  I have been meaning to, but time got away from me as it often does. Anyway let me tell you about our visit on the way home from our weekend away and what's been happening since.

We like to visit somewhere on the way home but our choice was a bit limited because a couple of places where closed in order to prepare for Christmas. In the end we visited Anglesey Abbey. We visited a while back in the run up to Christmas and we caught their Christmas light show in grounds. This year we were a bit earlier but the house was also closed for Christmas preparations. Not a problem as we had already been round the house. The last time we were there they had their annual gingerbread house on display. 

Here is a photo of the house itself. Some chimneys missing but not a bad likeness.

Although the house was closed we didn't  mind as the sun was shining and we spent the time strolling round the gardens. There was fungi on several old tree trunks that had come down in a storm.

Miniature cyclamen were peeping through the fallen leaves.

Some fun light arrays. I bet they look good when lit up

Flying bird sculptures amongst the trees

Metallic leaf and birds amongst the autumn leaves

A carved beaver and a metal crane enjoying themselves by the water. I love the reflection.

There were a lot of red berries and people were discussing if a lot of berries means a hard winter. Is it an old wives tale or a fact?  I'll let you know in the spring

The house has a second hand book shop and John and I spent some time examining the books. I saw a couple I have been meaning to read but I'll get them on my tablet as it is so much lighter than a fat book. What I did discover was a pattern book for needlework  miniatures. That book came home with me. 

As a result I am currently knitting a miniature blanket for the dolls house. The sad news is that I can't knit and watch TV as I drop the stitches. The knitting is done using crewel embroidery wool.

On Friday I went fabric shopping with Katy for some curtain material she wanted. We then spent time on Saturday making the curtains. They aren't quite finished so that is my job for this evening and then we can take them over to her on Wednesday. These will do much better at keeping any draughts out, than her current curtains. They are a riotous pattern but such fun. 

I haven't finished the quilting on the hexi quilt but I will work on that on Friday and hopefully have it all finished before Christmas. My Christmas shopping is nearly done, just grandson to sort out. I've got my meat, fruit and vegetables ordered to be delivered on the 23rd December and I've booked an online grocery shop for the week before. I'll just need to remember to amend it nearer the time to make sure we have everything we need. I'm a bit worried I've peaked too early and things will all go wrong but I'll worry about that if it happens. I always love Christmas but this year I seem to be getting excited a bit too early. 

Take Care