Tuesday, 22 September 2020

I love Autumn

I love Autumn or Fall, the colours are so pretty and the weather is cooler but not cold. I start to think of soups and casseroles and curling up under a quilt to watch a film. I also love long walks with John and Scamp to enjoy the season first hand. Carla from Creatin' in the sticks, organised this hop and asked us to create something for Fall. I was planning on making two projects but in the end I stuck with one. The second one will be made over the next few weeks.

I spent some time thinking about what I wanted to make and I decided I wanted it to be useful to me. As the summer fades and we move into cooler weather my needlecrafts tend to change with the weather. There will be new television programmes I want to watch and that means more hand work. In the summer it's too hot for knitting or crochet but Autumn makes them more pleasurable. I also like to do embroidery whilst chatting to the family. I needed somewhere I could put what I'm working on when I get up to make the teas and coffees or answer the door. Usually I dump things on the floor and Casso starts to play with them, and threads can end up knotted. I definitely need to be more organised to avoid this problem. My project therefore was to make an armchair tidy. 

I had already decided the fabric I wanted to use because of the reds, browns and greens.

The colours in my charm pack worked well for an autumnal project and I had the solid green that went well with it.  I needed to stitch the charm squares together to make the main body and also a smaller section to make the pouch.

I decided to quilt it using a trailing leaf design. This was fun to do but there are a few wonky leaves. 

For the backing fabric I used the aubergine fabric I had left over from my rainbow batik quilt.
In the photo below you can see the leaf pattern. I really do need to practice more on the free motion quilting.

Overall I'm very happy with my project and I will be making use of it over the coming months. Hopefully by having something to slip my embroidery scissors into I won't injure myself again by sitting on them. Ouch embroidery scissors have very sharp points.

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Take care and stay safe