Monday, 6 April 2020

Just chilling at home

I'm on holiday from today having been working from home for the last two weeks. So I went into my work email and put an out of office message on it. I do have to check my emails once a day but I'll only deal with really important can't wait issues. The question is how do I get out of work mode having spent the last two weeks working at my dining table? I've always done some work at home but have tried to keep it to a minimum but now it has wormed it way into the very fabric of our personal life because of Covid. Hmmm I need to think this through as I know we'll still be working from home after my holiday and work needs to be contained as far as possible. We don't have a separate room we can use as an office but I have two weeks to come up with a plan. I'll keep you updates.

Anyway today I wasn't working but some students contacted me to ask if there was a  problem with the IT system as they couldn't get into their learning materials. By the time I'd sorted that out  I lost a fair bit of my sewing time.  Free to play at last I started off by designing my project for the 'It's cool to be square' blog hop taking place in May and then I pulled out one of my subscription boxes that had the pattern and fabric for a cushion cover I've been meaning to make.

The pattern uses a charm pack of Chafarcani by French General. The pattern also makes a draft excluder but we don't need one as since we had new windows fitted and other work done on the house we don't really have any drafts.

By the time I stopped I had stitched the cushion front together and was ready to add the applique. The biggest part was cutting the charm squares. I love the reds in the charm pack

I've copied the template for the hearts and I have the backing fabric for the cushion so this should be finished tomorrow. I have another charm pack of the same fabric and I'll probably make a second cover.

I had to stop at that point as I needed to find the Bondaweb to use with the applique. At the same time I wanted to pull out the bag kit that I bought last year. 

I'd opened the kit and cut out some fabric to see how it looked and then I decided I needed to finish a project before I started something new.

The templates for the hexagons are a thin foam which is rather fun.

Once Mildred is finished I'm going to put this bag together. Tomorrow I need to pick up some food for Picasso and milk for us. So long as my students don't have any problems the day is mine to do what I want. I also want to take Scamp for a walk. We haven't been taking him out every day in order to protect ourselves. Fortunately, since he's a Yorkshire Terrier he doesn't need really long walks although if they are on offer he'll take them with pleasure. 

Take care and stay safe.