Monday 24 October 2022

Some Slow stiching.

The last 10 days have been busy with work and helping older daughter get her house organised. We have been helping with stripping wall paper and reconstructing old curtains for use until they know what they want in each room. In between there are joyous moments of playing with grandson who is now sitting up on his own and is generally a really happy little baby. He's teething at the moment so a little fractious at times but still gorgeous.

At home my sewing machine has stayed silent but I have been doing some hand stitching. The Christmas stitchery is moving on and is very enjoyable to work on.

I've also started knitting a jacket for grandson. I'm using the same yarn I knitted his red blanket it and I'm also using red. This is a nice easy knit as most of it is in garter stitch.

I finally got round to doing some work on my doll's house. We are redecorating our hall so I decided doing some decoration on the house would help move it forward. I started painting the interior of the basement. I took it to pieces to paint ( it has groves that help hold it together) Once completed I will be gluing it together. The basement will house the kitchen and the sewing room. If I can't have one in real life I'll have one in the doll's house. The primrose yellow is the sewing room walls and the kitchen is a light grey. Once dry the painting marks disappear.

On Friday my friend and colleague, Michelle, bought a bracelet she had made from her bead collection. I'm not sure I've got the patience to do beading as some of them are just so small. The photo doesn't show the little white beads very well. They make a pleasing diamond around the green beads.

Finally Halloween is nearly here so I thought you might like a photo of grandson in his Halloween outfit. It was just too cute not to buy!

Take care 


Monday 10 October 2022

Normal service resumed following illness

I'm feeling rather battered and weak having spent the last 3 weeks (since 18th September) feeling really unwell. Having avoided the dreaded covid and having had 4 doses of vaccine I got ill. One of the students admitted coming in university although they knew they were covid positive and the rest is history. I'm pleased I'd had all the vaccines as I think I might not be here if I hadn't. I don't remember much of the first week but got excellent care from my family. Now I'm feeling very tired but ready to move on. I've been doing a little work on the computer today (Saturday) and I'm going to do some sewing a little later on. I will be asking Richard or Lucy to lift my machine onto the table as I'm not sure I can manage it but I am determined to have a fun time with some fabric. It will certainly be very soothing.

I was slowly organising myself for some sewing when Katy and little Aubrey arrived. I was really surprised how much Aubrey had grown and developed since I'd last seen him. He can now sit himself up and 'talks the whole time'.  Katy wanted a new pencil case so I offered to make her one. A nice easy project for the day. I offered Katy a range of fabrics and she chose some batiks. This was a nice quick project but by the time I'd finished I felt really tired so had to have a nap. 

The pouch is slightly bigger to accommodate the extra pens she has for the children who have lost or forgotten their. 

Later in the day I took some time out to do some hand stitching on the Christmas stitchery. I didn't do very much but at least I've made a start.

On Sunday Lucy, Richard and I went over to Katy and Oliver's new house. They moved in last week and they are still trying to get everything straighten out. I took my small sewing machine with me as Katy wanted some curtains altering. It took a couple of hours but by the time we left the curtains were hanging up at the window. I have agreed to make new curtains as they work through the rooms, redecorate and make it their own.

I went into work today and felt OK but tired. I'm taking things slowly but I hope to make time to work on my projects. I've already planned Friday as my sewing day for this week. I also need to catch up on my blog reading. I'll start that tomorrow. I need to catch up with what's been going on in blogland.

Take care