Wednesday 31 December 2014

Can't wait for 2015!

2014 seems to have flown by. Why do the years zap by so quickly the older you get? This year has been a good year and I have managed to do a lot. Last New Year's Eve, John and I decided we needed to make better use of our leisure time. We both like walking, going to the theatre, bird watching and visiting places in Britain but we realised we hadn't done very much of any of them over 2013. This year we put a lot of effort in and as a result we went to the theatre a lot seeing some really good plays. We particularly like to go to Richmond theatre (Surrey) as it is small and intimate. We managed more walks this year with our friend Tony and we also took Scamp on his regular walks round the commons that are near to our home. We also visited new areas in Britain even fitting in some birdwatching.

The year wasn't quite so good for my sewing but I still completed quite a few projects.

Hannah's quilt as she left Guides and heading to university.

A commission for Lauren, a quilt for her daughter Grace.

The votes for women quilt made for my daughter Katy. I plan to quilt this in January

Katy's friend had a baby and I made this scrappy quilt for her.

A quilt for baby Tommy, the son of friend's of my younger daughter.

I completed the quilt for Jennifer.

Cushion cover from scraps 

Quilt for Edward, the son of my niece Hannah.

Bird quilt for my husband to use on birdwatching trips (it's cold in the hides.)

Knitted blanket for Mercer's baby Arthur.

Cushion cover.

I have a pile of unfinished projects which I must move forward next year. I also have lots of ideas for new projects. 

I love cross stitching and other types of embroidery and have a lot of unfinished stitcheries hiding around the place. I have been doing some work on my millenium sampler over Christmas and I have now finished the crown. This project really must be finished in 2015. 

Finally I set out to walk 1000 miles this year. This was completed in November so I've set myself a new target of 1500 miles for next year.

Tonight John and I are welcoming in the New Year on our own but tomorrow we will have a family celebration. I not making any resolutions but I do have a few goals I would like to achieve but more of that next year.

Wishing you a very Happy New Year.



  1. I really admire anyone who can make such lovely quilts. Happy new year to you.

  2. Some lovely projects there!
    I just finished reading a murder mystery based on the "riots" around the suffragette movement in London in the early twentieth century. The book was called "A Dissection of Murder" by Felicity Young. The central character is a female doctor working for the police to do autopsies. I got it from iBooks but I'm sure it would be available elsewhere.

  3. Looks like a lot of great finishes to me! 'love the modern star, the pink and green, all those samplers (wow) and I especially remember that knit baby blanket! Your knitting is so impressive! Yup, I'd say that's a lot of great finishes!! Happy New Year! cheers, cw

  4. Wow, you certainly had a very productive 2014...all lovely projects!