Saturday 31 October 2015

A very busy Saturday.

During the week John was very busy boxing in some pipes in our kitchen. He's done a great job, really neat and now the area only needs painting. Today we started the tiling. A while back I bought some fabulous tiles that look like mini quilts.

The main tiling is done but there are quite a few places where the tiles need to be cut. We did a few but decided to leave the rest to do tomorrow. 

On Thursday evening I went shopping for curtain fabric for the kitchen. Usually when I'm planning on making new curtains it takes me ages to find exactly what I want but this time it was very quick and only involved going into one shop.

I can't wait to get started on the curtains. This afternoon I went and picked up some lining and we also needed a new curtain rail. Tomorrow I'll cut the fabric lengths and start the sewing. I also picked up some muslin and spotty fabric for use with a christmas present.

Originally I was looking for red gingham but the in your face pink spots was too difficult to ignore.

Whilst helping John with the tiling I noticed that there had been a spillage on my cooker hob and no one had bothered to clean it up. Just as I was about to wipe it away I spotted that it looked like a little ghost which seemed perfect considering the date.

Can you see it too? Most spooky. 

Last night I started a list of all my 'in progress' projects. I got really into it and instead of just writing a list I used index cards with one project per card. I tried to remember when I'd started the project and I also included whether it was gifted to me, I'd won it in a raffle or bought it as a treat for myself. I was a little shocked to discover I had 32 projects in progress and another 4 I haven't started yet. Then to day while looking for the photo of the tiles I found one which added another two projects to the list. Help!, I need to stop starting new projects and get some finished. Maybe it's a good job Barbara from Cat Patches stopped running her NewFO challenge!

It's been a very busy Saturday but it feels good to be getting on with the decorating. Hopefully tomorrow will be as productive and I'll have time for some of the sewing.
Has your Saturday been a success?



  1. Wow! So many works in progress. But some crafters thrive on that. I panic if I have more than three!

  2. Gracious, it really was a busy Saturday!! Those tiles . . . at first glance I thought they WERE quilt blocks! LOL! I adore the fabric you found for your curtains!! Perfecto!! Maybe today you can slow down a bit and enjoy some stitching!! :)

  3. Whoa...gorgeous tiles. I love those. I hope you'll show us a picture of the finished project. And the polka dots. My, my. I do loves me my polka dots.