Tuesday 29 December 2015

A bit of this and that and an ouchy

I hope you had a great Christmas. Ours was very enjoyable and very peaceful. We had younger daughter and her boyfriend Richard for Christmas day plus their dog Buddy. Scamp likes him but is a little worried that Buddy may squash him.

He made himself comfy on the couch and settled down for a nap. They'd taken him for a long walk before they came over so Buddy would be tired and so wouldn't be so bouncy. He's a mastiff labrador cross and weighs in at 40kg and could possibly grow a little bigger as he isn't yet 2 years old.

Apart from this picture I didn't take any others as I was too busy enjoying myself. In the evening after dinner, we played some card games and Articulate. We were all cheating like mad and my sides ached from laughing so much.

On boxing day we went for a long walk with Scamp  The London Plane trees down the one side road on the way to the common had all been cut back to the old wood to stop them getting too big for their situation.

The bark of the London Plane is very odd. It comes off like scales and as you can see in the photo the bark is one colour and then you get patches of various shades where the bark has fallen off at different times.

Over Christmas I packed my sewing machine away and I've been working on the Christmas tree cross stitch. I will continue to work on this until twelfth night. I completed all the sky on the one side as this was easy to work on whilst watching TV. I have also counted across the left side for the sky so I can now do some work on this. Before I start that however I need to add the gold star, then I can just work across the rows and not have to worry about counting the stitches. There are some stars to back stitch in the sky but that will be done later on.

Last night I had been doing some stitching and having put my work down on the coffee table went off to make a cup of tea. When I sat down a little later to enjoy my tea I felt this intense pain at the top of the back of my thigh. I slowly lifted myself up as I realised that I had dropped my embroidery scissors in the chair and they had stabbed me. I pulled them out and through my jeans applied pressure for a short time before I went to the bathroom to inspect the damage. Two small wounds showed that the scissor blades had been open but fortunately they only have fairly short blades so they hadn't gone in too deeply. Also they had caught the seam on the pocket so had to pass through several layers of fabric which also helped reduce the depth of the injury. It is still red and painful and I'm being much more careful with the scissors this evening.

Tomorrow I'll be getting the sewing machine out, well I will so long as Richard has finished putting his lego model of a ferrari together. At the moment there are lots of teeny tiny pieces of lego over the table. There are over a thousand pieces so it should keep him busy for ages.

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  1. Interesting bark on that tree. Is it possible I saw some of that in Ireland? It seemed familiar. I might have to go back and look at some of my pictures from London...I know there was at least one tree with some very interesting bark.

  2. Your stitching is looking great. Ouch with the scissors, I'm glad it wasn't worse!

  3. You do lovely work as I've mentioned and I'd never heard of London Plane before. I have embroidery scissors with tiny turned points to catch a single thread. Unfortunately these catch in my clothes and sometimes give me a little scratch. I had to stop wearing them on a ribbon around my neck because of it. How to explain tiny little scratches across my belly! Do be careful with your scissors.