Wednesday 2 August 2017

Making flying geese

Today was a day off and gave me a chance to do a little sewing. First I needed to do some housework and I also needed to pay some money into the bank. Getting to the bank is difficult as there isn't a branch of my bank near where I work in London and when I'm in Reading it is quite a walk from our building and I'm just too tired after a days teaching. I use internet banking but you still need an actual bank to pay cash in. Anyway the housework was soon done and money paid in. As we left the bank John asked me if I'd like to go for lunch and of course I said yes. We went to the Graveney and Meadow which is a pub/cafe/restaurant in Tooting. 

It's an interesting style and makes a fun venue. There is a large room at the rear which had a lot of moms with children enjoying lunch. There is also a large garden but unfortunately the weather in the UK has gone very wet so that was not an option. The food is delicious.

After lunch I set up my sewing machine and made a start on sewing the flying geese for my compass quilt.  Over the afternoon I pieced 40 flying geese but I still have 40 more to make. 

I'm not working on Friday so I'm hoping to turn this pile of triangles into the remaining geese.

This evening I've been adding a few stitches to Mildred. I'm continuing to work on her until we go to Switzerland as I've packed Constance in my kit that is going by lorry. If I have time I may even finish Mildred before we go.

I'm joining Val for another year of her piggy bank challenge. I haven't had time to go fabric shopping for my next quilt project yet but when I do it will be paid for with the money saved in piggy last year. Piggy is hoping to be very full by next July.

I'm linking this post with Barbara from Cat Patches for her July bag lady link party 

I have work tomorrow and then I'm on leave for two weeks. I might get a chance to do some sewing before I go away.


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  1. Your version of Mildred is looking great. That little cafe looks like the kind of dining spot I would enjoy.