Sunday 18 February 2018

A little stitching

Today it's time for slow Sunday stitching. I have a lot of hand stitching to do and I have often found that Kathy's link up for  Slow Sunday Stitching has helped me get more finished than I've expected. It all about sharing with other people, it makes you want to have some progress to show. Also as quilters and stitchers we are good at  encouraging each other as we go along. Sometimes I've found that family and close friends can be less helpful by saying something like 'gracious are you still working on that? You've been stitching it for years and I would have thought you'd have finished it by now.'

There's many reasons why a project takes a long time, for example it could be very complicated or it holds lots of memories both good and bad. For me I often put things down meaning to work on them again in a couple of weeks and then when I eventually do get back to them it takes me ages to work out where I've got to and what I should be doing. 

Today I'm working on two projects. The first, my sewing machine table tidy just needs the binding stitching to the back. I started it last month and moved very quickly to this point but life got in the way. I've finished one of the sides and so only have three to go. It isn't that big so will be completed by the end of the evening which will be great as it will give me a Friday finish (the second finish of the year). Here's the picture I posted having finished the tidy and attached the front of the binding. I love those clips for holding binding in place.

My second project I posted about yesterday, the grandmother's garden quilt. Today I lay it out on the floor to check I had enough of the purple flowers for the next round and was very pleased to find I had more than enough. I sorted out the order I wanted to add the blocks and I'm all set up to start stitching on the next row. If all goes well I'll start that later this evening.

I like to alternate my stitching so although I'll work on the hexie quilt I will also do some work on my cross stitch. Last winter I did a lot of stitching on the Christmas Tree cross stitch but so far this year I haven't touched it.  Here's how far I've got, and I hope to be able to show you some progress next weekend.

I hope you've had time for some sewing or stitching today and why not hop over to Kathy's to see what everyone has been working on. Before I can settle back down to my stitching I need to go and sort out dinner.



  1. I hope you were able to work on all your projects and finish up your sewing area organizer. I always have lots on the go at any one time too. Keep working on the Christmas tree and maybe it will be done for this Christmas!

  2. Hi Lyndsey! Love your sewing machine set up. I soooo need to make one of these...right now I just have a piece of batting under my machine!

  3. Very cute patchwork mat for your machine, pretty colors. Your cross-stitch looks very detailed with lots of color changes to challenge!

  4. Sweet projects, Lyndsey! Your cross stitchery is very ambitious!

  5. I have only recently discovered Kathy's Slow Sunday Stitching link and enjoy taking part when I have something to show. It's good to have a variety of projects to work on, isn't it.