Monday, 25 February 2013

Hand stitching on a quiet Sunday

I've been very busy trying to finish my Dresden plate quilt and today I put the binding on. I still have a tiny bit of quilting to do but the tension on my machine has gone wrong so it needs a service before I can use . I attached the binding using another machine and hand stitched it this morning. The quilt should be fully finished by Tuesday. I've also managed to finish all 49 of the granny squares blocks. Now all I need to do is trim them and cut out the sashing. I think that may have to be next weekends job.

I have also been stitching the little cross stitch I found of Blue Tits. When I found it one of the birds had already been partially completed and looked like this.

Over the day I started work on bird number two and the piece now looks like this.

I'm quite pleased with my progress. I was going to wash the piece before I started work on it as it is very grubby but I decided to finish it first. 

Yesterday I received a lovely card containing some scraps from Kate from Katy's Arty Bits. She had a give away a little while ago and I was one of the winners. The scraps are very pretty and in colours I needed for a project I've been thinking about to use up some of my scraps.

Thanks Kate they will be very useful.

Finally I pulled out the pattern for the'Stitch me up' blog hop at the end of March. There are several patterns to choose from and we have to stitch one of them. I know which I am going to do but you'll have to wait until nearer the time for a sneak peek. I also started picking fabrics for the two mug rugs I'm going to make next week for a mug rug swap. They are such pretty patterns.

A very nice relaxing stitching day. 

I hope you found time for some sewing this weekend.


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  1. Funny how other people's scraps are so fascinating. isn't it?