Thursday, 14 February 2013

Liebster Award

As I told you in my last post Lynne from Never to hot to stitch  had nominated me for the Liebster Award. In my last post I explained what this award is and that there are no prizes, you just get to find out more about the person it is awarded to. Lynne has posed 11 questions and I am going to answer them as far as I can.

1. Where were you when Armstrong walked on the moon?
This one is easy I was watching it on TV at home in a small village in Staffordshire UK. I was in the 4th year of secondary school, what is now known as year 10. The lunar walk took place on the 21st July at 02.56 GMT. My father was an engineer and had been in the Royal Air Force during the war as part of the engineering team. He was fascinated by flying and this extended to space flight. As a family we had followed all the news and footage about any space mission whether American or Russian so this was an occasion that could not be missed.

                                                   Source Google images.

2. What colours in decorating, fashion or stitching do you remember without hesitation?
The honest answer is none. I love colour and use lots of it in my stitching and decorating but I can't remember the names of the colours or of the fabric designs at all. This doesn't cause a problem because if buying paint or fabric I always buy slightly more than I need to allow for mistakes or for touching up areas. Now if you had asked me about colours of paints in my watercolour box then I would say Prussian Blue, Burnt Ochre and Zinc white. I could go on longer but this is because as the colours run out I replace them like for like.

3. What was your favourite childhood toy.
I had two favourites. One was a china doll I was given when I was 5 and who I christened Belinda. She had blond curly hair, said mama and could 'walk' (no batteries needed). My brother threw her down the stairs when I was 9 and the walk mechanism broke but I loved her just the same. Years later when moving house as an adult she got broken in the move.

My other favourite toy was a dolls house my father made for me. It was a scale version of the house we were living in at the time and I had such fun decorating it and playing house. Years later when I was in my teens my younger cousins totally wrecked it, pushing in the windows and ripping out the banisters because it didn't 'do' anything.

4.Name one song you can sing from beginning to end.
Well take your pick. Just about all the song by the Beatles, Deep Purple, REM, Neil Diamond Gordon Lightfoot, or Chris de Burgh plus loads more. If I like a song I seem to remember the words.

5. Name one advertising jingle from your pre adult days that you remember clearly.
A million housewives every day, pick up a can of beans and say. Beans means Heinz - and I don't like Heinz baked beans!

6. When did you get your first computer.
In 1985 we bought an Amstrad PCW made by a British company. It was brilliant and still works. (no I not writing this on it) We have upgraded loads of times over the years. I love technology and don't like to be without my computer. 

                                           Source Google images.

7. When did you start blogging and why.
The first time I blogged was in 2010 when we took Guides and Scouts on a 12 day camp to Switzerland. Each night I uploaded a post so the parents could read about our day. We also uploaded loads of photos.

I started this blog in April last year. I wanted to get back to sewing and stitching and had started following a couple of blogs Kate at Katy's arty bits and Barbara at Cat Patches. It was fun reading what they were up to and I thought 'I can do this' The rest is history.

8. How many UFO'S / WIP can you name right now.
Hexie quilt, Votes for women quilt, Christmas quilt, Dresden plate quilt, Millennium Sampler are the big ones and there are several small stitching projects on the go. I think I need more so I shall be starting at least one new project a month that I will share at Cat Patches  NewFO party which happens at the end of each month. 

9 What makes you laugh.
Anything even slightly funny especially my dog and cat.

10. What's the first thing you think of when you hear/read the word 'Australia'
Well from now on Lynne it will be you. Otherwise Kangaroos, 

                                                source google images

                                                 Source google images.

and Sydney Harbour Bridge and Opera House

11. What for dinner? Who's cooking
I haven't got a clue at the moment but the store cupboards, fridge, freezer and vegetable racks are full so it will be easy when the time comes. Who is cooking? Not sure as it depends what we decide to have.

 Having answered all those questions I off to get on with some sewing before I go and work this afternoon. Still the evening is free so more sewing time. Yipee.

Have a happy valentines day  and I hope you manage to find some sewing time


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  1. It was fun reading through your answers! Funnily enough, Heinz baked beans are the only brand I will eat!