Saturday, 6 April 2013

A Friday Finish

I restarted work yesterday after a very relaxing and sewing rich Easter break. However this evening I managed to create enough time and space to finish the top of the quilt I started for the Nancy Drew blog hop.

I had ordered the red magnifying glass fabric for the border but I didn't like the effect it created. It made the quilt top far too busy and the Irish block competing with the question marks was already pretty busy. So I pulled a solid red from my stash. I was going to use it for an up coming project but it works well for this top. I also found that there were two question marks I hadn't completed the appliqué on so I quickly finished that up. I'm hoping to have the quilt sandwich basted tomorrow or Sunday and to be able to post that this is quilted by next Friday.

I also completed block 2 of my Anniversary quilt. I love this colour way.

Block 3 is already in progress and the pieces cut off when making the flying geese are sewn together ready for use in another quilt. I think the fact that you keep using the scraps as they get smaller and smaller is such fun. However I must get my scrap boxes organised. I'm reaching the point where I can't find anything.

Tomorrow we are going for a hike. I think it will be about 10 miles in total. The weather forecast is for dry weather but cold. I hope they get it right as yesterday I drove home through a blizzard. The plants in our garden don't seem at all fussed. The daffodils are looking beautiful and we have small fritillary just coming into bloom but they look so delicate. As I drove by Wimbledon common all the trees appeared to be wearing a green haze so they should have their leaves soon.

I'm linking this post with Richard and Tanya at Link a finish Friday. Why not visit to see what everyone has been busy working on.


  1. The border looks great and I love Block #2.

  2. Congratulations on your finish! Love the block, as the first one!

  3. Congrats on your finish. The "?'s" are very cool.