Monday, 22 April 2013

Sewing again at last and a winner.

Having had almost two weeks of no sewing due to an arthritis flare up affecting my shoulder, elbow and wrist on my right hand I am once again able to sew. The swelling has gone and the pain has subsided so all I need to do now is catch up on the lost time.

My objective for April was to quilt the It's a clue quilt. I am doing an all over meander well not quite all over. I am meandering over the white background missing out the question marks and patterned squares. I found a shop in Kew that stokes Aurifil and having listened to you all say how good it is for quilting decided to give it a whirl. OK so I am convinced. It goes through the quilt sandwich beautifully and doesn't break or knot up. My machine appears to love it and for the first time I had no problem whilst FMQ. I also very carefully followed all the advice and help on FMQ about stitch length speed etc. I am very pleased with the results so far and the question marks really pop out. I finished half of the background quilting so I need to think about how I'm quilting the border.

I've also been working on my piece for the 'Shake your pom poms' hop which starts on Wednesday. My day is Wednesday so I'm a little stressed about getting it finished. Two weeks ago I was well ahead but now its play catch up. I still need to make the pom poms as well. Here's a sneak peek bet you wont guess what it is.

I also need to announce the winner from my blogaversary give away. Who is Mystica who said.

"Happy blogoversary. I do have a blog but its more or less a reading/reviewing blog. I do so love to quilt but with a lot of work it has taken a step aside for the moment. However I love to follow the blogs and also get new ideas. I want to do a nine patch quilt top for a baby girl soon."

Mystica is from Sri Lanka. I have sent her an email 

Now I'm going to do a little more work on my shake your pom poms piece and I may finish the quilting later if I get time.
I hope you're having a good Monday.



  1. I love that "it's a clue" quilt! Its super cute. And I'm glad the swelling is subsiding - I hope you're feeling better.

  2. Glad to hear that you are feeling well enough to sew again.