Tuesday, 6 May 2014

May goals and a little me time

Never too hot to Stitch!2014 NewFO Challenge

I'm running a little late setting goals for May because I've been putting a lot of effort into thinking what 'I' really want to do. Often the goals are about completing projects that are for other people. Whilst I want to get these projects done I also have things I want to do for me. As this month is May, Marcia over at Marcia's crafty sewing is hosting her May for Me celebrations. This has been running for 4 years and is about making time for me during the month, so I thought I would be more careful when choosing my goals and put me in a little more. 

Find Your ME Time

My main goal for this month and the one I'm working on for ALYOF is my Votes for Women quilt that I'm making for Kathryn. The blocks are all finished and almost all of the sashing has been sewn so I nearly have the center section complete. I need to add the borders and then make up the quilt sandwich. My goal is to have this done by the end of May. I might start on the quilting if the mood takes me  but I'm not in a rush.

My second goal is an old project. I've been working on this for years and it is my oldest UFO. I was given this as a Christmas present for 1999 and as you can see it still isn't finished. It is a little further on than the photo as I have completed the block with ST Paul's in it and I've started on the crown which goes on the top above the scrolls. I would like to complete two of these small embroideries in May. This will mean working on this in the morning when I'm not at work as I need a good light. Although I have an embroidery lamp with LED's and a magnifier by evening, especially after a day when I've been using the computer a lot, my eyes can't cope. This is my Something Old Challenge for the month.

My third goal relates to the NewFO challenge run by Barbara at Cat Patches. Barbara's challenge isn't about finishing something it is about starting something each month. This is my sort of challenge as I love starting new things. This month I want to start this corset quilt by Bobby G Designs. I bought the pattern some time ago and have been trying to find appropriate fabrics before I started work on it. My me time this month will involve working on this quilt.

Corset Quilt

As always I will be making my Rainbow scrap challenge blocks. This months colour is green. I need to get my scrap boxes out to see what I've got.

Finally I want to spend some of my me time making something slightly different. I have this book on my shelf . It's been there for some time and I haven't made anything from it but this month I want to spend some time to make some (more likely one) pretty storage boxes. This will be my something new for Lynne's Something Old Something new challenge at Never too hot to stitch

As for more me time I'm wanting to lose at least 7lbs this month. We are already up to the 6th of the month and it is going well but it requires extra time to think about what I want to eat and how it is cooked. The aim is to become more aware of what I'm eating over the month so I can change my eating habits rather than being on a diet as diets just make me feel deprived and grumpy.

I haven't mentioned it in ages but I'm still trying to walk 1000 miles in a year. I am a little behind on miles but the weather was very wet earlier in the year. April however was a great month and I completed more miles than I needed so that will offset the shortfall slightly. Now that the better weather is here I'm hoping to do even more miles this month.

I'm linking this post with Melissa at Sew Bittersweet Designs for the May goal setting link party of ALYOF and with Lynne at Never too hot to Stitch for her 'Something Old, Something New Challenge for May.

I feel that May is going to be a great month. Have fun and make a little 'me' time for yourself.



  1. You do have a busy month ahead of you, I hope you manage to fit in lots of 'me' time in amongst all of that crafty activity too :)

  2. some great goals! I don't know why I'm not doing NewFO, I seem to be doing every other challenge out there! I look forward to seeing your boxes, that does look interesting.

  3. "Me time" is a great concept and I'll be watching with great interest as you make your pretty storage box(es). My "me time" is generally swallowed up in family history research but I'm getting a bit fed up with it so it might be time to move on to something else!

  4. I love the idea of some me time! I have kind of decided on to do some me time and finish my quilt for my bed before starting another quilt!