Sunday, 11 May 2014

Scraps and a present

The weather here in London has been very good all week but as soon as the weekend arrived the rain started and along with the rain the wind  got up. I had a few errands I needed to do and of course Scamp needed a walk but then  it was time to forget the rain and prepare the fabric I need for a new project. I want to make a scrappy quilt as I have a ridiculous amount of scraps.

I spent what seems like hours cutting my scraps into useful pieces. The plastic pot is overflowing with strips that I want to use to make the quilt. The strips are all 5 inches long but a variety of widths from 1 inch to 2 and a half inches. I also cut several different sized squares. I've still got a lot of scraps to deal with as the pile here is just some of my scraps. It's quite therapeutic getting the scraps sorted out.

If you regularly read this blog you'll know that I drink a lot of tea. I like to drink it from a large mug and tea always tastes better if the mug is made of bone china. I had a beautiful mug that John had bought for me some time ago. Unfortunately  earlier in the week it got smashed. Our cat Picasso knocked it onto the floor.  He loves to knock things off the table, I think he likes the noise they make when they hit the floor, but this time it was an accident.

Here he is looking rather pleased with himself as today i received a parcel  and inside was this beautiful new mug. The decoration on the mug is a William Morris design. William Morris was an English artist, textile designer, writer and socialist who was associated with the Pre-Raphaelite brotherhood and the English Arts and Crafts movement. who lived from 1834 to 1896. I just love his textile designs.

In the parcel was a card which said 'Sorry for smashing your mug. I felt so bad so sat on Richards computer until I finally found you a new one. Love Casso'  Such a sweet and thoughtful cat.

I've been knitting this week rather than doing much sewing. I am about two thirds of the way through the baby blanket.  I have also nearly stitched the back of the binding on the baby quilt. I must finish that tomorrow. 

I hope you've had some sewing time this week. 



  1. Your scraps look a lot more organised than mine! Love the mug too.

  2. What a clever cat to find some an appropriate and thoughtful gift!

    PS I'm slowly reading all your post from February forward; sorry, I won't be commenting much!