Monday, 23 June 2014

New puppy, poorly kitty and some knitting.

A couple of weeks ago Lucy's boyfriend got a puppy. I saw the pup briefly when he bought him home. He was lying on the back seat of the car looking a little perplexed by what was happening but still very interested and with a slight wag of his tail. Yesterday Richard took Scamp to meet the new pup who is about 14 weeks old. Pup, whose name is Buddy, is a Mastador which is a hybrid dog. He is a mixture of a purebred Mastiff and a purebred Labrador Retriever. He is going to be a large dog so Lucy felt it was important for him to meet Scamp so they could become friends. I think she plans for us to take them out for walks together as Buddy gets older.

Buddy seems to be a cute dog and I'm told he is very placid. I haven't had time to go and visit him yet.  Scamp was a little perturbed by this puppy who is larger than he is but they got on quite well.

Scamp is in desperate need of a trip to the groomers especially now the weather has gone so hot.

Whilst Scamp has been enjoying trips out we have had to keep Picasso in and we also had to take him to the vet. On Tuesday we noticed that his third eyelid was protruding. As it was covering a large amount of his eye we took him to the vet, who gave him a full check up and decided he had an eye infection. We were told to keep him in and it would resolve over a few days. Keeping Picasso in is very hard work but he is now looking much happier and behaving more like his old self.   

Picasso loves to hide in my sewing machine bag. Still a little way to go until his eyes look as good as they do in this photo.

My sewing machine should be back later this week and I will be able to get on with some FMQ. However until then I've been doing a little knitting. Earlier this year I knitted three prem baby hats in blue. I've now got a ball of pink yarn and will knit three more hats

These hats are perfect for the delicate heads of prem babies as they are knitted on 4 double ended needles so there aren't seams to cause unnecessary pressure. The other good point is they knit up very quickly.
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I hope you've had a good Monday. Today has been busy but good. Now all I need to do is order my son's birthday present. His birthday is on Thursday but he only made a decision about what he wanted yesterday evening. Never mind it will be delivered on Wednesday. Then all that's left to do is try and get the family all together so we can have a family dinner. It was so much easier when the children were young. Trying to get three adult children in one place at the same time seems almost impossible at times.


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