Monday, 2 February 2015

Goals for February

I didn't set myself any goals in January as we were having a new kitchen fitted and I knew that would mean my sewing space would be used as storage. However I had hoped to get my 'Votes for Women' top quilted. I had already made the quilt sandwich so what could go wrong? Well I took it out of the large bag where I had carefully packed it during the heating and electrical work. Unfortunately the cover had moved and the backing was all covered in brick dust so had to be washed. Thank goodness it wasn't the top. The dining table was then folded down (it's a gate legged table) to make room for the kitchen cabinet boxes so having washed the backing I didn't get the quilt sandwich redone. Still as the story goes there is always another month.

So goal 1 for February is to quilt and bind this quilt. This is my goal for 'A lovely year of finishes at Sew Bittersweet Designs

I know February is a short month so I'm loathe to set many goals but I would also like to quilt the Star Trek quilt. I haven't yet made the quilt sandwich, in fact I need to buy the backing fabric. Still a girl can dream can't she? So this one is goal 2

I also have to finish this baby quilt. I need it for Wednesday as my colleague is going on maternity leave. She knows she is having a boy. This is goal 3

I have another work colleague going on maternity leave in March. She doesn't know or want to know the sex of her baby. That means her quilt must be gender neutral. I haven't thought of a pattern yet but may use my 'Let's book it' project for that.

'Let's Book it' is hosted by Sharon at Vroomans Quilts. The idea is to make quilty goodness from our quilt books. I only own 3 quilt books and two of them are about different quilting techniques and the third has patterns for large quilts. Right at the moment I don't want to start another large quilt. You can also use patterns that you've saved from magazines or the internet. I have several Snibbles patterns that I haven't made yet so I thought I would start 'Clover'
Clover - Schnibbles quilt pattern by Miss Rosie's Quilt Co.

This would be my 4th goal for the month. I think that will do for goals as any more would be unrealistic. I will have one or two other bits to make. I'm taking part in the rainbow scrap challenge again. This year I am making 4 blocks a month and the block I'm using is churn dash. I have made the blocks for January.

The photo doesn't show the true colours of these blocks but give a rough idea.  I find this photo a little strange as the blocks appear to be floating rather than sitting on the coffee table. Anyway the blue blocks for January are done and I've sorted through my scraps for pinks which is February's colour. These blocks finish at 6 inches. 

I do have one other goal but this is long term and not a quilting goal. I want to lose weight and my plan is to lose one and a half stone over the year (or quicker). That's a total of 21pounds but it is doable. I'll let you know how it is going.

Now I think I'd better get things organised for work tomorrow. Anything to save time in the morning. Tomorrow I have a free evening so I can get some sewing done. A lovely way to relax at the end of a tiring day.

I'm linking this post to the goal setting for February at Sew Bittersweet Designs

I hope your weekend went well and you had a little 'me' time.



  1. Churndash blocks are one of my favorites! I love yours. I also really love your Star Trek quilt top.

  2. Your quilt tops look lovely! I know it is so frustrating to have to re sandwich your quilt, I hate basting!

  3. Wonderful quilt tops. I really like your Churn Dash blocks. Great job!

  4. Someone in the family must be a starwars fan! nice quilts, good luck on your goals

  5. Lovely quilts, it's not a craft I do but my Mum does lots. She had her quilts shown in an International Show in Canada - she was quite anxious as they travelled from here in the UK as they are special :-)

  6. Lots of lovely projects to keep you busy there Lyndsey! Good luck with the weight loss too.

  7. Those are some pretty quilts. I love the top one. It'll be nice to get it finished along with the rest of the house.

  8. Renovations and Quilting!!! You R a brave woman. Best wishes for achieving your February goals.

  9. Hey, that Schnibbles pattern would be terrific for a gender neutral baby quilt! Love your Votes for Women quilt.

  10. Churn dash blocks seem very popular at the moment. I can think of three other people (including me) who made them in January!

    Speaking of votes for women, did you ever find and read the book I sent the link for?