Thursday 23 April 2015

Catching up with hand stitching.

The last few weeks I've been trying to catch up with some of my hand stitching. I like hand stitching but unfortunately I really have to be in the right mood to do it. In that mood I can keep stitching for hours but I go through phases when I don't touch it for months. This explains why my stitching takes so long to complete. Recently I just haven't been in the mood to do my cross stitch or red work but this week I picked it up again and I'm really enjoying it.

On my last post I showed you this picture of the block I  was going to work on from the 'It's a dogs life' quilt.

I thought I had started work on this block but when I opened the project bag I found I hadn't so I almost put the bag back in the drawer. Add to that when I opened the fabric out I found that the fabric solvy which I used to transfer the pattern was coming unstuck from the fabric. The only answer was to get on and sew.

Normally I'd complete one dog at a time but as the pattern was coming off the fabric I decided that stitching a bit of each dog would help hold it in place while I completed the block. So far that has worked well. A good film on TV tomorrow evening will see this block finished.

I also fished out my millenium sampler.

So I've got three mini blocks to do and two more to finish. Then two and a half sides of border plus three corners. I worked on the block of 1066 The battle of Hastings when William the Conqueror became king after defeating King Harold. There's a little way to go before it's finished.

I have a cross stitch I want to start but before I do I must finish either the sampler or the blocks for the quilt. I have too many unfinished stitching projects in progress at present. The one I want to start is this cute Yorkshire Terrier kit that I was given last Christmas..

This is a small piece finishing at 4 and half by 3 inches. It reminds me of Scamp when he was a puppy.

This weekend I'm teaching a first aid course on Saturday but apart from that my time is my own. John is away for the weekend and will be leaving at about 4pm tomorrow afternoon. He won't be back until Sunday afternoon. So there should be lots of sewing time especially as it's supposed to rain over the weekend. That gives me the perfect excuse for staying in. 

For now I'm off to bed. The cold I had a couple of weeks ago has come back again and this time I have a cough. I'm going to take some cough mixture and  then curl up in bed with a book and a hot chocolate. I'm not sure I'll get much reading done as I feel worn out. Just tomorrow to get through at work then two days off and next week is a light week. With luck I should finish my April goals.



  1. Your handwork is coming along nicely! I have stages of what I want to work on at a time, I have to be in the mood or it does not get done.

  2. It's is nice to see someone else stitching the Millenium Sampler, I really enjoyed doing mine back in 2000!