Sunday, 19 April 2015

Painting and cleaning

I was looking forward to a lovely weekend sewing, after all John was working on Saturday and I had a completely free diary. The problem was the kitchen. The units were all fitted back in February but it hasn't moved on far since then. The ceiling was replastered and having left it a while to ensure it was all dried out it was time to paint but at that point we had several weekend events so it didn't get done. So yesterday I set out to paint the ceiling. I knew it would need two coats to look perfect so planned first coat on Saturday, second today. Well I got so far yesterday but had to stop before I'd finished as my shoulder started to hurt and my cold made my head a bit swimmy - not good when up a ladder. So this morning I set out to get it finished. It took a while but in the end the ceiling was all covered. I cleaned up and sat down to plan my sewing but woke up a couple of hours later. Since I still had work for work I needed to sort out sewing had to go.

I also need to buy the tiles for the kitchen. At the moment we can't make up our minds but I like this tile. There are 5 patterns in the box and they look great mixed up on the wall but John thinks it's a bit busy. I'll let you know our final decision.

I did find time to make 5 nine patch blocks to go with my snowball blocks and I also made 5 hexi flower blocks. If I'm to complete any of my April goals I need to get a move on. The quilting on my star trek quilt is coming along but I haven't worked on it for a week.

Picasso wasn't well over Easter. He slept almost two days and totally stopped eating and drinking. We still don't know what the problem was but he is back to his happy self again. He lost 70g in weight and hasn't made it up yet but he always loses a little weight over the summer as he's so active. He spends the day going out and climbing as high as he can, usually onto the roof, but comes back every half an hour to check we are all OK then he's off again. I had thought he would slow down by now as he's 11 but he's just as active as ever.

Tomorrow I'm taking some stitching to work with me to work on in my lunch hour. I'm hoping the weather will be good so I can go and sit in the park. I've just pulled out the block I was working on for It's a dogs life. I started this ages ago but put it away when the work started on the house.

I've started stitching the dog with the flag. I'd like to complete this block this week. As I have two trips on the train this week I should be able to.

I hope you've had a good weekend. I'm hoping for a better sewing week this week and maybe a Friday finish.


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