Friday 5 June 2015

Embroidered adverts and mats.

Work has been really tiring this week but I can always relax so long as I can do some stitching. Waiting at the bus stop with John at 6.20 in the morning earlier this week I got that happy feeling as I realised that the advert for Royal Ascot was a piece of embroidery. I took the picture on my phone so it isn't great but even with the glare on the glass you can see the threads, On the original stitching the threads have been left long and pulled towards the back of the horse. This gives the sense of movement. Even on the printed advert the stitching looks great. This is currently my favourite advert.

You can find out more of Royal Ascot and see more of the stitchery. I just love the stitching. Ascot is a  Racecourse in  Ascot Berkshire. The course is popular with our Royal family because it is only about six miles from Windsor Castle.The Royal Meeting is held in June, and it's highlight is the Gold Cup. T
I set up the next block for the 'Dog's life' quilt.

This is the 8th block of 9. I also finally did the quilting on the first of my little mats for the bathroom. I have a beach theme going on in the bathroom so this shell fabric is perfect.

I quilted it following the stripes. The line down the middle of the picture is a fold line as I'd put the mat back into my project bag. The camera has altered the colours along this line.

The backing fabric is plain blue and I love that you can see the quilting lines clearly. Again the camera has altered the colour. I have two other mats made from the same fabric which I still have to quilt.

The sad news is my camera has developed an error. The lens is not working properly and I'm getting an error message telling me I must contact my Nikon repairer. I need to look out our big digital SLR as I've recently got back into taking lots of pictures and don't want to lose the momentum. the only trouble is that the big camera is heavy.

Tomorrow we are going hiking and I'm also hoping to have time to work on my baby quilt tomorrow evening. The weather should be good so I'm looking forward to our day out.

I hope your weekend has some sewing in it.


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