Sunday 31 May 2015

A lovely slow day

Today was nice and slow which after yesterday's rush to get lots of jobs done was very pleasant. The weather here has gone cooler and there has been some rain so it was perfect for staying indoors and catching up on a few jobs. Before I settled down to some sewing I needed to take Scamp for his walk. Once home again the day was mine to work on various projects.

Before starting sewing I decided to check out the tiles I have chosen for the kitchen. We collected them yesterday but I hadn't opened the boxes. All the units were fitted in February and since then I've painted the walls and ceiling. Choosing the tiles proved a little difficult as we couldn't find something we both liked. I didn't want a tile that was all shiny and John thought the ones I liked too busy. We kept on visiting various tile shops and finally John decided he liked the ones I'd pointed out at the beginning of our search. I think I'm attracted to them because the look like mini quilts. I can't wait to start tiling later in the week.

Then I stitched the last bits of the dog's life block I've been working on. I washed the fabric solvy out and got it dried. I now have two more blocks to finish. I need to cut some more background fabric so I'll start the next block tomorrow.

I spent a little time working on the next rows of the baby quilt. I just love the way this quilt is making up

Finally I continued hand stitching the binding on the star trek quilt. I haven't bothered to take a photo of this as there really isn't much to see.

While out shopping last Thursday I treated myself to a fat quarter bundle. I have a new project in mind and these fabrics are perfect.

The last part of the day was spent going through my stash and stroking fabric. I have several new projects I want to start but need to sort out the fabric first. Planning fabrics is such a soothing activity. 

I'm linking up with Kathy's Quilts for slow stitching Sunday. It's so nice to take life at a slower speed.



  1. Those tiles are so cool! :0)

  2. Quilt tiles for a quilter's kitchen....perfect! Bright and happy baby quilt too!

  3. Love your tile, they do look like quilt blocks should make for one happy quilter when she is in the kitchen

  4. The tiles are great. Will they be interspersed with white ones or an all over random pattern?

    The quilt is looking lovely too, I bet you are saying "over and under" as you put it together to make sure the cross overs are right!

  5. The tiles DO look like little quilts... how fun it that?!?
    Love the puppies :)

  6. I love those tiles! Are you using all of them? How fantastic!

  7. Oh... I do like those tiles. They are going to look wonderful in your kitchen.