Friday, 17 June 2016

A lovely Friday finish.

I'm feeling really happy today as I have a finish. It was a close run as I had to finish it off this morning. When I put my knitting down in preparation for going to bed last night I still had 6 rows to knit plus the ends to sew in. I was only going into work today for Maria's tea party so once dressed this morning I got right on with my knitting. I'd love to say that in next to no time I was finished but in reality it took quite a time. My wrists have become very painful with the knitting, made worst by the wet weather. Whenever it rains all my joints ache. Anyway eventually it was done. I gave it a press and the baby blanket was ready to be gifted to Maria. The blanket is 40 inches square.

The pattern should have a lacy border but, a) I didn't have time to knit it and b) the baby's little fingers get caught up in the lacy pattern so I don't usually add the border. The pattern is really easy to knit being just knit or purl stitches but it looks very pretty.

I also gave Maria her baby quilt. I posted this as a finish a few weeks ago but I'm going to indulge myself and repost the photo.

Maria was very happy with her gifts which after having the fun of making the quilt and blanket is the icing on the cake.

Now all I have to do is try and finish some of my other projects before I start anything new. I'm linking this post with Finish it up Friday at Crazy Mom quilts.



  1. I love knit quilts mostly because I have not the skill in it. My mom made me one when a child and I loved it so much. It sadly long ago was so worn that my wife put it down. Maybe one day I can learn that skill. Your fish are also pretty cute love the colors they are beautiful.

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  2. I just love your beautiful knitted blanket. What a lucky new Mum, to get that, plus the pretty fishy quilt! Congratulations on two great finishes!

  3. The blanket will be very practical. I know lacy patterns look lovely, but we have to think about the little fingers and toes that can get caught.

  4. Can you tell me the name of the pattern for the knit blanket. I love it and would like to make one for my friend. Thanks