Sunday 18 December 2016

A very slow Sunday

Today has been a very slow day as I keep dozing off. John has had a really bad cold which went on for 3 weeks. He's almost better but I seem to have the same bug now. I finished work for the holiday on Friday but I didn't get everything done because the head was throbbing and breathing was a little difficult. So yesterday and today have been very slow. Not that I'm complaining as I've slobbed out in front of the TV and got on slowly with a little stitching. The TV has been fun, especially today when I watched Casablanca. That film has so many great one liners in it and I hadn't seen it for years.

Last week no stitching got done at all as I worked everyday and had three social events in the evenings. When you're trying to reduce your weight and Christmas is just around the corner you don't really need to go out to dinner but this week I had two dinner engagements. Tuesday night it was with several members of staff that I currently work with and on Thursday it was with my ex boss and her boyfriend. It took a lot of will power to go with low calorie options and no alcohol but I managed it. 

My plan for this weekend was to finish up the baby quilt and my summer skirt. Last week I stitched over half the binding on the baby quilt and whilst watching Casablanca I finished it completely. All the ends are sewn in and I've checked to make sure I haven't missed any. This quilt will now join several others that will go to Project Linus after Christmas.

On the skirt front I left it at this point needing the zip and the yoke to be added.

So this afternoon I put in the zip and attached the yoke on the machine. I then hand stitched the facing down and it was finished.

I can't wait until it's warm enough to wear this skirt. Right now it would be a joy just to see a little sun since it's been grey, overcast and often foggy for days.

This evening I picked up my knitting again. I was going to do some cross stitch but my head was feeling rather fuzzy and my eyes were tired so knitting is much easier. As I'm knitting on circular needles I'm only doing knit stitches and I can do that without really looking. 

I'm hoping I'll be feeling better tomorrow as I really don't have time to be ill. I need to decorate my Christmas cake and I have some other sewing projects I want to try and finish.
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  1. Well, I hope you start feeling better soon. Your skirt is so pretty!

  2. So sorry Lyndsey you are not feeling 'up to snuff' as my Hubby would say. I am battling a sinus infection I think and so far I am winning but just barely. Really want it gone with so much to do still. You take it easy; pace yourself. First two rules rest and hydrate when dealing with colds. I will try to follow my own advice, LOL