Sunday 11 December 2016

The weekend at last

Last week was a busy but fun week. First I managed to clear some of my To Do list, particularly the work items. That's always a winner as you cross things off. Wednesday was our last normal Brownie meeting before Christmas. This coming week is party week and everything is already planned. Thursday was the best day as it was my birthday. Richard was working but the girls and their partners came to dinner. Lucy did most of the cooking but they all joined in and it was a noisy but very happy and enjoyable evening. The cake was particularly yummy. I also got presents. Yipee. 

So the weekend at last and time to catch up with some sewing. I started by machine sewing the binding to the baby quilt. I did some hand stitching on this on Saturday evening and I've done some more today. I love doing some slow stitching on a Sunday. It gives you time to reflect on the week just gone and to plan for the week about to start.

I looked at the jacket and skirt I'd cut out a while back. The skirt was cut out towards the end of the summer and I just never got round to starting the stitching. I'm trying to complete some of my outstanding projects and this one caught my attention because it's so bright and cheerful. I enjoyed stitching this together and it's almost finished. I need to add the yoke and the zip. You can see why the fabric makes me feel so happy.

I top stitched the seam between the main fabric and the orange panel and the hem.

The skirt has side pockets, very useful in any outfit.

Tomorrow night I will try and finish up this skirt but I do have the zip to put in. I haven't done any dress making for a while so that could take me slightly longer than it should.  

Whilst going through my project box I found this little packet. It was given free with a magazine I bought and I thought I'd keep it as it will always come in useful at Brownies for some of the games. Without a mask to cover their eyes they always peek when playing games like 'who took the keys'.

Finally I got the main Christmas box down out of the loft. This box had the advent calendar in it. So at last, ten days late, I filled the stockings on the calendar with sweets and hung it up.

I'm hoping to get the Christmas tree up later this coming week and then it will really feel like Christmas. I am working all week but then I have two weeks holiday and it can't come soon enough. I have so much sewing to catch up on.

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  1. The fabric for your skirt is so pretty. I agree. Pockets are a must.

  2. Lyndsey, I am so in awe of your skirt! I would love to be able to make clothes. Certainly all your quilting is wonderful.

  3. What a very pretty skirt you are making!
    Hope you enjoyed your binding!