Sunday 22 October 2017

Back to some sewing.

Last Saturday John and I headed off to Alexandra Palace for the annual Stitching and Knitting Show. I try and go to a show most years and since this one is in London it is very easy to visit. We decided to go by train as there is very limited parking but as always happens at the weekends the trains were delayed due to engineering works. In the end the delay was only half an hour so it didn't spoil the day, and neither did the walk up the steep hill from the station. Even the crowds didn't feel as bad as last year.

I was only planning on looking but I found this extra wide grey and white fabric which is perfect for my quilt backing.

Now all I need to do is piece the backing as I want to use some of the left over fabric from the top in the back and then I can make up the quilt sandwich. I've got a few ideas for the quilting but I need to have a little practice before I start on the quilt. I have some fabric to make up another couple of bath mats and these will be perfect practice pieces. 

As always we treated ourselves to a tasty lunch and in the afternoon looked at the quilts and artwork on display. John saw a picture that he really liked and I bought it for his Christmas present. We couldn't take it home as the exhibition is going to Harrogate at the end of November, so it will be delivered after that. I forgot to take a photo so I can't show you what it looks like at present. We also bought a light box so I can draw out my embroidery patterns more easily. There was a lot of scrumptious fabric and yarns but I am trying to clear my backlog of projects so resisted the urge to buy lots of things.

Last week I did a little work on Abigail. I didn't have a lot of time as I was trying to clear my workload from work. I started my radiotherapy on Friday and I'm not really sure how that is going to affect me at the moment. In case I need to take time off sick I wanted a clear desk. I haven't got any teaching commitments until the beginning of December but the day to day organisation needs to run smoothly. I'm having 15 days of radiotherapy running Monday to Friday. I have early appointments so if I'm OK I can go into work or work from home. I do have sensitive skin and I'm expecting to experience some problems. After the first treatment the skin was sore overnight but was better by Saturday morning. 

Abigail is the latest Bag lady and I love this pattern.

Here's what I've done so far.

I think I love this pattern so much because of the pink duffel coat. Many years ago when Lucy, my youngest daughter, was four years old I made her a pink duffel coat and she looked so cute. She loved the coat and would wear it all the time. Oh happy memories.

At the beginning of the week I had a little package arrive. Back in June I ordered a novelty pack of buttons in order to get the little pair of scissors to use on one of the bag lady pieces. The mailing label says it was mailed on the 2nd October so once it was mailed it had quite a quick journey from the United States to the UK. I'm very pleased to have received them but I would have liked to know the company couldn't mail them earlier, a quick email would have been useful. Anyway I can now completely finish off that bag lady. Once I've added the scissors I'll post a finished photo.

What's left of this evening will be hand stitching on Abigail. I'm linking this post with Kathy from Kathy's Quilts for her Slow Sunday Stitching link up. Pop over and see what everyone's working on this week.



  1. Abigail is lovely! Enjoy your stitching!

  2. Abigail is looking great. I've heard several complaints about that company being slow on the switch. Not sure what's up with them.

  3. Sounds like a nice outing. Looking forward to seeing John's gift. Abigail is going to be lovely.

  4. Jealous of such a craft fair. They aren't as common here in Canada.Hope your treatment goes well without many side effects.

  5. Thinking of you during your upcoming treatment. The craft fair sounded very delicious.