Wednesday, 25 October 2017

I just can't get things done.......

I have quite a number of projects that I would like to get finished and a lot of new ones I want to start, but which one to work on or start and how can I juggle work, household chores and my projects? Trying to make decisions has sent me into a flat spin and so I've sat around doing very little or nothing at all for a while. A severe case of procrastination has set in. In my head I hear myself saying,  'I'd better not start that as I won't have time to do the whole job and then I'll forget where I got to' or 'shall I work on this or that?' So how to get myself going with my numerous sewing projects? Well the problem with procrastination is that you can become very good at making excuses so you don't have to get on with things which means the only way to deal with it is to start getting things done.

First I decided to finish the makeover on the skirt I started a while back. The skirt was way too long and the wrong colour so had sat at the back of the wardrobe for ages.

I cut quite a bit off the length of the skirt so it was just on knee length and then I dyed it black. 

I love that the black dye is blue and this is my idea of messy play! Next a thorough rinse in cold water before I washed, dried and ironed it. I now have a skirt that will get used regularly for work. Why didn't I do this ages ago?

Next up the backing for my quilt. I was going to use some of the left over fabric from the top to piece some of the backing but decided to use some solid white fabric instead as I could then use the left over fabric in another project. This is the backing fabric I bought at the Stitching and Knitting show for this quilt.

Piecing the backing and pressing it took very little time and now I'm ready to make the quilt sandwich. I can't do that right now as John is working at the table and I really haven't got the energy for crawling around the floor.

Whilst I wait for John to finish I'm going to get on with some of my admin jobs for work. If I get them done now I'll have more fabric playtime later in the week. Later this evening once I've got the quilt sandwich made I'll do a little embroidery on Abigail.



  1. I know all about procrastination - I must be the Queen if Procrastination here in New Zealand. Which is why I now do my "Roll the Dice" trick every week to see which stitching project I will work on. I list six projects, which are in various degrees of finishness roll the dice, and pick that one. Works for me, as I used to look at them all, and dither, ending up doing nothing! IF you don't have six, just try it anyway.

  2. Isn't it great when you finish something like that though? Sometimes procrastination can make us appreciate what we accomplish all the more.