Tuesday 14 November 2017

A busy Tuesday

I seem to have been in motion all day today.  Having spent Saturday at an open day for potential students I had several chores I needed to do. First I needed to pick up my new glasses. I'd had my old frames for several years and needed a change but choosing new frames is very difficult as I'm very long sighted which makes seeing how they look a bit of a problem. I try on far too many styles and take ages to make up my mind. Collecting the new glasses is always a worry because I convince myself that I made the wrong choice and I'm going to look awful in the glasses. I collected my glasses and  love the way they look and they make everything so clear. 

Next up was to collect pet food for Scamp and Picasso and then time to walk Scamp. Normally we would walk over Wandsworth Common but today I needed to pay a deposit for a holiday we are planning for next November so we followed the road instead. On the way we spotted a blue plaque.

The plaque is on the wall of Nightingale House, a large care home for members of the Jewish faith.  The plaque is to Ted 'Kid' Lewis who was born Gershon Mendeloff. (1893 – 1970) He was an English professional boxer who twice won the World Welterweight Championship.  He is a member of the International Jewish Sports Hall of Fame.

Next stop the travel agents. This particular travel agents specialise in Pilgrimages and the one we are going on next November is to Ethiopia. This has been organised through the church we belong to so we will be travelling with people we have known for some time. This is important to me as it's a two week trip so I want to be with people I know I get on with. Having finished all my treatments I decided it was safe to start organising some exciting activities. I'll give you more details in another post.

Once home I cut the binding and got it stitched to the right side of the advent calendar. Using my binding clips I turned the binding to the back and I'm ready to get it all stitched down.1

I've been slowly stitching this evening  but a long way to go. That was after I took Picasso to the vet for his annual checkup and immunisations. He is always very interested in everything that's going on and seems to enjoy being the centre of attention.

So a day with a little stitching. My next stitching day is Thursday but for now I need to go to bed as I have work in the morning.


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  1. I thoroughly enjoyed your Nov.11 post with such interesting sights and notable houses. It would give me a thrill to think of the remarkable folks who lived there. These panels are so pretty...joyous stitching with all treatments behind you,,!