Thursday, 4 January 2018

Cakes, patterns and one monthly goal

The last few days have been very windy and driving along the M4 to Reading on Tuesday and Wednesday was scary at times so it was a pleasure to be staying home this morning. First thing this morning I had my first follow up mammogram. Once home again I set about planning a new quilt since the new year is the perfect time to plan a new project. On January 1st Kathy of  Kathy's Quilts took part in a mystery quilt in a day  called scrappy friends run by Quilt Bug. I've never made a mystery quilt before as I've always worried about how it will look and whether I'd like it when I've made it. Anyway I saved the clues and when I saw the completed top I loved it. The only bit I didn't like was the size. I wanted it to be bigger but it's really easy to increase the size so this is my next quilt. I'm going to use my Christmas fat quarters, with white as the background and green as the focus colour for the quilt. I have all the fabric I need and can't wait to get started.

Interestingly Kathy wrote about making mystery quilts in her post today. She identifies that fabric choices are difficult since you don't know how the colours will fit together. Kathy also writes that she is happy to donate any quilts that she doesn't love. With that in mind I think I may join in with a mystery quilt this year.

This morning I stood on the scales to check how disastrous Christmas had been to the waist line. It wasn't too bad but I decided I need to be more careful of what I'm eating for a few days. So why did I decide to bake some cupcakes this afternoon? The main reason was I'd checked the use by date on some sprinkle cake decorations I have and they were about to go out of date. The only answer was to make some cakes.

Then add the sprinkles

My family have already obligingly eaten all the evidence of my baking and I haven't had to eat even one. Job done, I got to do some baking, use up the sprinkles and not eat any extra calories.

I'd been trying to decide on my goal for the month. I nearly decided to set myself the task of quilting the compass quilt but I decided I hadn't got that much time. Therefore I decided to make some more blocks for the Bear Paw quilt I started.

I still have a lot of these blocks to make so my goal for the month is to make 10 blocks. I'm not pushing doing more as I have commitments every weekend through January and I'm busy at work. I'll be more than happy if I manage to make more than 10 blocks. I'm linking this post with One monthly Goal over at Elm Street Quilts.

Opps I've just seen the time. I have work in the morning so must get to bed. See you again soon.



  1. A few more blocks is a good goal. I have stopped all baking until I lose some weight....too tempting if I have it in the house.

  2. A good goal....mystery quilt lt sound interesting

  3. Great block. Thanks for linking up with Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal and good luck on your project.

  4. Hey 10 blocks is a lot when you work and have a full scheudle. But just enough sewing to help you relax. ENJOY!