Monday, 1 January 2018

Slow Sunday Stitching.

It's Sunday which means Kathy's link up for Slow Sunday Stitching and it's also New years Eve. I got excited and thought I'd have lots of stitching time but I'd forgotten the need to take Scamp for a walk and also that we had a friend coming for dinner. The walk with Scamp started fine but half way round the circuit the rain began and so did the wind. We cut the walk short as we were worried Scamp would get too cold. I shouldn't have worried as he just ran around as fast as he could with his little tail wagging vigorously. What is it about wind that makes dogs and young children go so mad?

Once home I settled down to do some stitching on Earlene. I haven't finished her yet but she is such a jolly, outgoing character and I'm really enjoying stitching her.

After dinner I sat and did some more stitching whilst we sat and chatted. I love my hand stitching time, it's just so relaxing.

I'm linking this post with Barbara at Cat Patches for the last of her bag lady link up parties and with Kathy for her Slow Sunday Stitching 

I'm off to bed now so I can get 2018 off to a good start tomorrow. 


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  1. Yes, I love slow stitching just for that reason: it’s so relaxing....and portable too! Looking good so far! Thanks for linking up.