Monday, 16 April 2018

A good sewing weekend.

Over the week I had very little time to sew. Going on holiday is great but when you get back to work there is so much to catch up with that to get it done you have to give up some of your free time. Not that I'm moaning as I enjoy my job but I wish it was easier to balance the work and home lives better. You'd think I'd have worked it out by now having been working since September 1972!

Anyway I didn't get Abigail finished last week but that's all right since she is my one monthly goal for April. I knew I was wise to keep it simple. She has moved forward a bit and I should be there by the end of the week and if not it's a definite for the end of the month.

Over the weekend I fired up my sewing machine and started stitching some Christmas bits. I'd love to show you but unfortunately I'm doing a blog hop in July and I'm making it for that. My family think I'm slightly mad making Christmas things but they just don't realise how long these projects can take.

When we woke up on Saturday we were greeted by sun peeping through the bedroom curtains and as the day progressed it got really warm. Spring has definitely arrived here in London and to go with it I've got the snuffles from all the pollen. I had commented on it during the evenings last week as I was fine during the day but got snuffly at home. Then I realised I had a vase of daffodils in the living room. I'll gladly put up with the snuffles to have the joy of the flowers. I just hope I don't get the streaming eyes to go with it this year. We took Scamp for his walk in the sun, no coat or jumper needed. It's now Monday and the weather is set to heat up even more with temperatures around 24 degrees Celsius being predicted, very nice for April. 

I've been going through all my recipes and patterns that I've pulled from various magazines trying to sort them into some semblance of order. Amongst them I rediscovered this cute pattern for a frog quilt.

I bought this when I was still working on the red work 'It's a dog's life' quilt so I put it way safely and then I couldn't find it. I can guarantee I'll lose an item if I put it away safely. Anyway when I finish up the bag ladies this will be my next stitching project...well so long as I can find it.

I spent ages this afternoon hunting the internet for a dining shelter or mess tent for use on our Guide camps. My brain is now in meltdown and I've lost valuable sewing time. I really didn't realise just how long it would take. We needed some new hike tents and that was a quick purchase. We visited our favourite camping shop on line and they were having a sale and had just what we wanted so we bought them. I still haven't reached a decision about the mess tent and may end up handing the problem over to Lucy. Whatever happens we need one for the end of May so no pressure.

I think I'll soothe my nerves by sewing some more hexagons together. I'm making the flowers or rosettes for the next round. There are 36 needed for this round and they will have the colours of the rainbow at the centre but otherwise will be white. I'm working on the ones I need with an orange centre at present, I just love the pumpkins

I thought you might like to see the back of this project. I'll leave the papers in the hexagons until the quilt top is complete and will then remove them prior to creating the quilt sandwich. The sides of the hexagons I'm using  are 1 inch.

Lucy's boyfriend Dan is over this evening and they were both laughing so much that I just had to see what had caused it. Lucy has restarted knitting again and she was trying to teach Dan. This could take some time but is going to cause a lot of laughter along the way.

I hope you've had a good weekend and the weather is starting to warm up. I'm hoping to have time for some stitching this week when I get in from work.

Take care



  1. VVery cute. I like what you did with the polka dots on the bag. I’ve seen that frog quilt made up at shows. Looks like a fun one to stitch.

  2. Abigail is coming along nicely. Anxious for you to start the Frog quilt, it looks to be a fun quilt. And as for your go girl!

  3. So nice to see the Fisher again. Hexagons are perfect and I too like the pumpkins. It’s always satisfying to have a sort through and find forgotten things.

  4. Aren't hexi's so addicting!!! They are fun! LOVE the stitching on your quilty gal too.