Sunday, 8 April 2018

Slow Sunday Stitching

I've been having great fun quilting my compass quilt and I worked on it a little more this morning. I'm back at work tomorrow so there won't be much time to work on it again until next weekend. This afternoon I spent some time sewing in the thread ends so they were nicely buried in the batting. Do you sew the ends in or just cut them off? It takes a long time to sew them all in but I think it makes for a better finish and it's very satisfying when they're done.

This evening I'm working on Abigail. I've managed quite a lot over the week and I may even have it finished by next weekend. I felt she was a little 'pink' with her coat and her tote being pink so I'm adding some brighter colours on the tote.

This week I'll also be working on the hexie quilt. During the holiday I didn't complete sewing on the next round as I still have 10 more blocks to add.  I'm working in Reading this week and plan to travel by train so I'll have time to prepare the blocks for the next round during the journey.

I think it's time to start planning for our next holiday  and tomorrow I'll book the time off. If I leave it till the last minute to do I'll find someone will have booked a meeting that I have to attend and I won''t be able to have the dates I want.



  1. I like Abigail...very colorful!

  2. I bury my thread ends, but I do them as I go. I use a self-threading needle, wet the thread ends with saliva for lubrication, or else the needle tends to cut the thread. Then pull it through and out again, snipping off the end. It is a pain, but I'm afraid if I cut them off, they'll come loose.