Sunday 14 October 2018

Working in the sun and stitching in the rain.

Having thoroughly enjoyed my visit to the Stitching and Knitting exhibition with John on Friday, yesterday was a work day. Over the academic year the university holds a series of open days for potential students and we have to take part in them. They are quite fun events and it is great to meet potential students and their families. When I got up yesterday the temperature was already over 22 degrees celsius and the sun was shining as I drove to work. As I got out of the car at work the wind pushed me along. It seemed to be the perfect day to go walking but here I was at work. I spent the day in doors but every so often when I had the chance to look out of the window I could see that the weather was beautiful and just perfect for outdoor activities. Why is it that when the weather is good it's a work day. Fortunately the people we had visiting the university were very interested in the courses on offer and I had some great conversations with many young people and their parents about the next step in their education journey. Once home I was able to go out for a walk before the sun lost its heat and the day ended.

Fast forward to today when I have the time to do anything I want and what does the weather decide to do ...RAIN! Not that nice gentle refreshing rain that you don't mind walking in, that heavy rain that soaks through all your clothing even if its waterproof and leaves you cold and soggy. Under the circumstances there is only one thing a girl can do and of course that's get sewing.

So I made a few more 6 inch nine patch blocks. I now have 36 of them to go with the 47 snowball blocks. 

I decided to get out my squared paper and plan out the quilt I want to make for my brother. I will need to buy some fabric for the borders and sashing as I don't have any yardage  but at least I now know how the top will go together.

After that I set about cutting out the pattern and pattern pieces for Luna Lapin. I love this rabbit and want to make a couple of them as Christmas gifts. I only had grey felt but that will do for the first rabbit. This will be my slow stitching for the week as it is all put together by hand.

Before I settled down to start some stitching I checked how many bear paw blocks I had made and that the fat quarters I bought at the exhibition matched the backing fabric I'm using. These are going to be fine. The bear paw blocks are an ongoing project that won't be finished any time soon but every so often I put some work in to move it along.

I'm linking this post with Kathy for her Slow Sunday Stitching. It's so relaxing on a Sunday to work on some hand stitching. Why not pop over and see what everyone has been working on.

Back in August I visited the Summer Exhibition at the Royal Society of Art and I want to show you the photos I took. I took them on my phone and I've been having trouble getting them to upload to my computer but I think I'll solved that problem. I'll give it another try later this week.



  1. Oh my gosh...what an adorable bunny. A while back, I got interested in making fabric dolls...bought a bunch of patterns...and apparently that was the end of it. Now you’ve got my interest up again.

  2. Luna Lapin is charming. Hope you show us when one is completed.

  3. Oh I love bunnies and hares. Luna is sweet...what a great gift. You have some interesting projects on the go.