Monday 8 October 2018

Sunday sun and stitching

Yesterday Lucy, John and I were supposed to be walking but when I checked my emails over an early morning cup of tea I had a reminder that I was teaching a first aid course for my guide county. That was a bit disappointing as the three of us have been rather busy lately and so we haven't been walking for a while. I had to get a bit of a wriggle on to get to the venue on time and I left John and Lucy trying to decide where they were going to walk. I enjoyed my journey as I was travelling in my new car which I'll tell you all about it in another post. The course I was teaching started at 9:30 and at 10 a.m. the rain started. The rain caused the temperature to drop dramatically and by lunch time we were all feeling very cold. The rain kept on all day and I was relieved that I hadn't gone walking. We do go walking in the rain but the rain was more like monsoon season and our waterproof clothing wouldn't have kept us dry all day. When I got home I found that John and Lucy had taken Scamp for a walk around the common and got very wet so they decided to stay home and catch up on some work.

I'd planned on sewing yesterday evening but in the end I decided to do some reading. That meant that today I had to do some catching up. I have spent the last two weeks sorting out all my sewing bits. I checked and logged all my projects, including, quilting, embroidery, dress making, knitting and crocheting projects.It's good knowing what I'm working on. As part of the sorting I rediscovered my snowball blocks. I have 47 of these 6 inch blocks and to go with them I'd started making some 6 inch 9 patch blocks. I want to use these blocks to make a quilt for my younger brother. I also have quite a few 6 inch churn dash blocks. The churn dash blocks were made as part of the RSC 16 so they are in a range of colours.

The nine patch are totally scrappy.

This morning I made a start on some more 9 patch blocks.


I also found my charm packs as I am making another set of nine patch blocks but this time using 5 inch squares. It's so easy using pre cuts but I do find that there are always a few squares that I don't use purely because I don't like the fabric.

Today the weather has been really warm and sunny, such a change from yesterday. The sun shining through the windows made the colours in the fabrics really pop. I opened the doors into the garden whilst I sewed. Autumn is definitely on the way and I wont be able to enjoy sewing with the doors open for much longer so it was great to enjoy it while I could.

This evening I finally finished the unicorn hat I've been making. All the crochet was done a little while back but I needed to stitch the horn and ears to the hat and then weave in the mane. This was a fun project to make, especially making the mane. 

I'm linking this post with Kathy from Kathy's Quilts for her Slow Sunday stitching. Why not pop over and see what everyone has been working on.

Tomorrow I'm going to work out the arrangement I'll use for the 6 inch blocks to turn them into a quilt top. I'm hoping I've made enough blocks so I can get the top put together this week. For the next two months I have minimal teaching so I can have more time for stitching which will be fun. Plus I have a holiday coming up in November. 

For now I need to sort myself out so I've got everything ready for work tomorrow. 



  1. Lovely Churn Dash blocks but your scrappy nine patches are totally scrappy-licious! Love all those bright and happy scraps of colour. for the unicorn crochet fabulous!

  2. All those blocks will make a bright and scrappy quilt. You'll have fun stitching them together. Sorting out all one's craft projects can be a sobering experience!

  3. Those scrappy blocks are going to make a sweet quilt, and I love your unicorn cap. Very cute.

  4. I LOVE the unicorn hat... how fun!
    Thanks for linking up to Slow Sunday Stitching!