Monday 4 February 2019

OMG and slow stitching.

Gracious me where did January go. One minute it was the middle of the month and the next it's February. Does time run faster as you get older? I really don't remember days flying past so quickly when I was in my 20's and 30's. 

February OMG Goal link-up is OPEN!

Last month I managed to sneak in a finish at the last minute on my monthly goal. It's now waiting its turn to go into the machine as I had laundry to do this weekend. I hate it when I don't get my day off in the week as you spend the weekend doing household chores.

As it's now February it's time to think of a new monthly goal. To start with I was going to pick finishing my curtains. I have fabric for new curtains for the kitchen and the living room but I just hadn't got on with them. Fabric for both sets of curtains has a pattern on it and for some reason I'd lost my nerve at matching the patterns. So the fabric had been put away for ages. Yesterday I got it all out.  One of the curtains for the kitchen was finished except for the hem and the other needed to be stitched. I re looked at the fabric and the pattern match and wondered why I had found it so difficult. I pressed all the fabric and soon had it joined almost perfectly. 

From then on the curtain simply flew together and by evening I had them hanging at the large bay window.    

I looked at the fabric for the living room curtains and the match is straightforward so I'll make them next weekend. All I need to be able to make them, is sole use of the dining table as they are quite large. 

Having checked that, I knew that I needed another goal for the month. What haven't I worked on for some time and really needs moving forward? Ha got it, my grandmothers garden hexagon quilt. I fished the quilt out of the storage box. I needed to stitch on 5 rosettes to complete the ring so over the day I managed that.Here's how far I've got.

The next row is going to be a white ring with the rainbow colours at the centre. Here are my fabrics for this row. I've already prepared the orange middles.

I need to make 36 rosettes for the next round. Each rosette has 7 hexagons, all 1 inch, that's 252 hexagons to be prepared and then stitched together. I only use 6 colours rather than 7 as it's difficult to get blue and indigo. I'm not sure I can get 36 rosettes done in the month especially as February is a short month so my goal is to make sufficient rosettes to go round half of the quilt. i.e. 18 rosettes. If I make more it will be an added bonus. I currently have 2 rosettes completed.

Whilst working on the hexagons I need to complete my two projects for the blog hops this month. In addition I'm away for a weekend for winter camp. It's going to be fun trying to get it all done in time.



  1. Always enjoy seeing your hexagon quilt. It is coming along nicely. Your curtains are really cute. Love the fabric.

  2. Your hexies are looking great! Love the teapots on your curtains. That’s going to be pretty when you get all the windows finished. And, yes, time does go faster and faster according to one of my social worke professors. She worked with the frail elderly, and they told her that time seemed to go faster and faster as they got older and older. Kind of scary, huh?

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