Sunday 21 April 2019

A perfect Easter weekend

Happy Easter

The weather here in the London is perfect, clear blue sky, lots of sun and very warm. Having seen lots of lambs and spring flowers last week in Derbyshire what more could I ask for Easter weekend. 

We'd chosen to head off on holiday on older daughter's birthday and arrived home the day after younger daughter's birthday so yesterday we had a family dinner to celebrate both. We combined it with our usual family Easter meal as all of our children and partners are doing other things today. That means I have space to do some sewing and also a little gardening. Whilst away I bought some plants for my outdoor pots so I need to get them planted.

Our holiday was fun and also a much needed rest. When we booked it back at the beginning of the year we had plans to do a lot of walking but we both felt quite tired so kept the week very leisurely. Richard was on holiday with us and also wanted time to chill out rather than rushing around doing loads of activities.  We were very lucky with the weather as there was no rain all week. The journey was only 180 miles and the traffic was reasonable in both directions. We stopped several times for Scamp to have a walk as he always associates a car ride with a walk and so starts to get whiny if he doesn't get one at regular intervals. Picasso was at home being looked at by Lucy (younger daughter).

One of our walks was to visits some waterfalls. Along the way there were a lot of sheep.

wood anemone,

Lesser celandine

The goat came down off the roof for a scratch and a stroke. As we moved on he went back to his post on the roof.

 Betty and Erol had just been called for their food by two young girls

The trees were coming into left and lots had catkins or blossom.

The water falls were disappointing as it had been dry for quite a while so there was very limited water flowing down the stream.  

The walk was fun but Scamp was very tired when we got home. His usual walks are all on the flat and this one involved a lot of ascents and descents.

Back to today I have plans for sewing. In January I cut the fabric for a tablecloth. The charm pack came in my monthly subscription box.

This project had sat in its project box until now. I have now done some initial stitching to make the square blocks and this afternoon I will do some more work on it.

Before I can do any  more stitching I need to finish trimming the blocks. I'll do that later today and tomorrow I'll get my machine out and sew the blocks together.

I did a little more on the bunny garden embroidery this morning and will continue working on this during the evening. I'm working on the flowers at the moment.

I'll take a better picture tomorrow but every time I put it down to take a photo Picasso came and sat on it. I'm linking this post with Kathy for her Slow Sunday Stitching. Pop over and see what everyone has been creating.

It's great to be back posting and getting back to stitching. Now all I need to do is catch up with my blog reading. I am way behind!



  1. Looks like a wonderful weekend. It’s so nice when the weather cooperates.

  2. Sweet bunny embroidery project.