Wednesday, 24 April 2019

A visit to Chatsworth.

Last week we had a holiday in Derbyshire. We had planned to do some walking and some sight seeing. We were very lucky with the weather as it was dry all week and generally warm. One of the days we visited Chatsworth. Chatsworth is home to the Duke and Duchess of Devonshire, and has been passed down through 16 generations of the Cavendish family. This is a picture of the house from one side. I didn't get a photo from the front as I run out of time to walk round before the warmth of the day went and we headed for home.. Somewhere I have one I took about 25 years or so ago when we visited with my parents when our children where young. They had a fabulous children's adventure area with rope walk ways which Richard loved  on that visit. This time we had no need to visit that area, plus dogs were not allowed.

In the house we were able to visit over 30 rooms which included the painted hall, that I found rather over done and the very regal State rooms. The tour of the rooms took ages. While John and I went round the house Richard took Scamp for a walk around the grounds and then found a quiet spot to sit and read his book until we had finished.

As I walked past a courtyard I spotted this statue of a leaping hare which I just had to take a photo of.

In one room there was this huge geode of amethyst which was amazing.

This room was completely over the top with decoration

The beds were high of the floor and many had steps to get into them. I bet the curtains ensured warmth and privacy. 

There was a lot of chine on display.

This bedroom has a cosier feel to it and the bed was huge.

To the right of the desk that stood at the foot of the bed was this cute dogs bed. I'm sure Scamp and Picasso would love it

This time a smaller bed but with a very fancy canopy

and at the foot of the bed another dog bed.

There was a lot of art work around the house ranging from old masters to modern day artists. It was an amazing mix of tastes and styles and showed what the family had collected through generations. I love this scene that was given to the family from the Inuits. There is so much detail in it but unfortunately because of the busy wall paper behind, it's difficult to see much of it.

Some of the room along the route you couldn't enter but you were able to look into. In the doorway you can see a sculpture of a dog. There were a lot throughout the house as they currently have an exhibition celebrating the dog. 

This one had pride of place in a window alcove.

The dining table was huge. It can be extended further by adding more leaves. The chairs at the corner of the table are to stop people touching the cloth and items on the table. Any chairs that you weren't allowed to sit on had teasels on them

When I stood next to this display I couldn't understand why I kept smelling chocolate.

Then I read the notice next to the display and it all made sense. 

Once we had finished in the house we met up with Richard and Scamp and after stopping for tea and coffee we explored the gardens. The cascade was originally completed in 1696 but in 1708 it was remodelled and made longer and wider. We didn't walk up to the cascade house which you can see in the distance.

We all liked the curving hedge that draws your eye from the pond 

We walked down to the Emperor fountain. The wind was blowing the spray for quite a distance.

Here we looked back to take a photo of the scaffold dog sculpture. I love how the house looks dwarfed in the background.

We walked down one side of the lake. John doesn't like the photo as it makes him look small but they are standing on a sloop. Also Richard is 6 foot five and John 6 foot 1.  Neither of them worry that I always feel small being only 5 foot 6.

By now it was getting cold so we stopped to take a photo of this sculpture couple and headed back up the other side of the lake and back to the car.

Chatsworth was a very good visit and although the entry price seemed expensive it was well worth the money We all enjoyed our day out and went home happy.  I bought myself another stitchery whilst in the shop but I'll show you that another time.

This evening I'm taking John to the theatre to see a stage play of 'The picture of Dorian Grey'. In preparation for that I need to go and spruce myself up.



  1. Such an interesting visit, showing how the "other half" live!

  2. Incredible. I’ve been reading Edward Rutherfurd’s novel about New York. It’s a long book, and I’ve just gotten to where the Revolutionary War with England begins. Prior to that the characters were visiting London, and the wife was amazed at the size and scope of these properties and mansions. She was thinking even the largest houses in the colonies would have seemed “provincial” to the people in London. Easy to see why.

  3. I think I've watched a video on Chatsworth. This was a wonderful post and very interesting reading. I loved it.