Sunday, 19 May 2019

A finish and a fun purchase

I've spent the week trying to catch up at work. Not always easy when a ridiculous number of emails fall into your in box and they all need you to do something or as happened this week I didn't get the email and so didn't know I needed to do anything. I wish I was that email wandering happily somewhere in the ether doing my own thing!  However it's not all been about work the last two weeks. 

Have you seen a Tuffet? A tuffet as well as being a clump or tuft of something e.g. grass can also be a footstool or a low stool. From the first time I saw one in my quilting magazine I have wanted to make one so I visited a favourite quilt shop 'The Quilt Room'  which used to be in Dorking but has moved to Beare Green.  Here I purchased the kit to make my tuffet. To make the cover for it you need the pattern,

To make the top I'm using this Kaffe Fasset jelly roll. I need to decide which strips I'm using and cut them to 2 inches wide. I didn't want to open the jelly roll before I was ready to start the cutting, which will be next weekend.

I read through the instructions and decided I was mad to try this but staying calm and doing it a little at a time will work. The reason for my panic is that it's a foundation pieced pattern and I haven't really done that before. The instructions are very well written so working through one instruction at a time should result in a very pretty tuffet.

The rest of the tuffet i.e. the base and the foam etc comes as part of the kit. The legs you attach yourself when it's all finished. I opted for light wood legs as all our flooring is bamboo and a light colour and the wooden furniture is pine which has over the years taken on a lovely golden colour.

Whilst we were in the shop John bought me this lovely pack of 6 fat quarters. I love the colours. I can't remember the designer or the name of the fabric line.

Over the last week I finally stitched the binding down on my little quilt.  It feels good to have a finish.

Today being Sunday I'm looking at my hand stitching. I've got a lot to work on and too much choice really isn't good for me as I can't make up my mind what to do. I then spend so long trying to decide that I waste my sewing time. No need to make a choice this week. I've added a few more stitches to the Bunny Garden and so I will continue working on this. I should be able to finish the row of mini flowers tonight including the yellow french knots in their centres .

Over the last few weeks we have been on several visits and outing. Several weeks back I made up my mind that weekends were for family, not for doing any work for work and I've been quite good at sticking to it. Since John and I aren't doing work related activities it has given us time for walking and visiting. I have a load of photos to show you but I will put them in separate posts.

For now I have an urge to make some muffins so I'm heading to the kitchen. I'm linking this post with Kathy  from Kathy's Quilts for her Slow Sunday Stitching  Do pop over to see what everyone has been up to this week.



  1. I look forward to seeing the progress on your tuffet, the bunny stitchery is sweet.

  2. Cute little quilt. Love that Bunny Garden

  3. I've never heard of a tuffet but it is going to be awesome and I look forward to seeing your progress!

  4. I bought a 'Tuffet' pattern a few years ago but it is different from this one. I think it is by Amy Butler. After reading the directions I was a little panicky too. I never made it. Maybe watching your progress will help me feel more confident.

  5. Adore your table topper with that white sashing...looks wonderful. Of course, I love seeing what you are embroidering. So cute. We have a bunny living in the back yard which is a bit of a worry as that is our dogs area as well. They have not met yet!!