Wednesday 29 May 2019

Fitting in some sewing.

In the last few days I have managed to fit in some sewing and sewing prep whilst catching up on household chores and gardening. Last weekend was a bank holiday weekend in the UK. May is a great month for extra holiday time with two bank holidays, one early in the month and the second at the end. 

On Monday, having finished all the chores, I went hunting through my fabric stash and patterns. I found this blouse pattern and picked this fabric, which is 100% cotton. 

I cut the pattern pieces out and set up the darts ready for stitching on the machine. I needed to buy some lightweight iron on interfacing for use in the facings. The fabric shop was closed on Monday due to the bank holiday but on Tuesday I was able to buy the interfacing and the muslin I needed for the foundation pieces to make the tuffet.

This evening I set up the ironing board and followed the instructions in my tuffet pattern to prepare the foundation pieces.

It took a little time to get the iron to the right temperature to do the job. Once the fusible interfacing tuffet panels had been ironed onto the muslin I cut the individual sections apart.

The instructions tell you to prepare all the 8 panels but I only did 4. The panels are in my project box ready to start the sewing process. That will have to wait as this weekend I am away in Suffolk with John and Lucy. I've earmarked the following weekend to start the sewing.

Whilst hunting through my pattern box I found two bag ladies. I had convinced myself that I had finished all 12 of the girls but I had only completed 10. I had started work on Charlotte before I put her away but I haven't got very far. I'm going to take Charlotte with me this weekend as I will have some hand stitching time in the evenings. 

I haven't started work on Thelma at all. She will have to wait for her turn. 

Not a lot of progress with sewing over the weekend but at least the projects are moving forward. I'm trying to spend a minimum of 15 minutes each day on stitching or preparing a project. This weekend I'm also going to read the instructions carefully on the foundation piecing. I've not done it before so I need to be very sure how it goes together.

I told you about our trip to Exeter and the Cathedral. In my next post I'll share some photos of Dartmoor and tell you about our walk. We really enjoyed our day walking.


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