Saturday 8 June 2019

My brain worked it out!

I started writing this post on Wednesday when I had a little time for sewing and I pulled out the project box with my tuffet pieces in. As I explained the top is made with foundation piecing which is something I haven't tried before. However following the old adage of 'nothing ventured, nothing gained' I'll give anything a go.  When I got  the tuffet kit home I had sat and read the instructions but my brain soon got tired and I was a little worried I wouldn't be able to put the top together. As soon as I started to re read the instructions I remembered that I had meant to order an add a quarter ruler so I quickly logged into good old Amazon and ordered one. Whilst I was there I also ordered a pack of rotary blades as I haven't got any new ones and the one in the cutter is getting very blunt. I did think about ordering a sharpener but decided that I would probably end up cutting myself badly when I used it so quickly clicked buy for my two items and closed Amazon. Thanks to Prime they were with me later in the day. Because the add a quarter ruler is vital to stitch the foundation pieces I put my sewing away until today. Everyone was out of the house and so it was a nothing but sewing day. 

This is what the instructions told me to do;

The first job to do was number my 8 strips for this section and take out strip 4 and 5. I then identified the dashed straight-centre line on the foundation. I used one of my rulers to show you where the line is.

I put strips 4 and 5 together facing each other and then lined the trips up with the stitching line.

I stitched the first seam and then pressed the seam open. I worked on two foundation pieces at the same time.

The next stage was to trim the excess fabric and this is where the add a quarter ruler was needed.

It all looked a bit mind boggling but I followed it a step at a time.  I didn't take any photos as I worked through the instructions because I didn't want to lose my concentration and make a mistake. When I'm next sewing I'll take the photos of the process.  I finished off two foundation pieces and then had a late lunch.

By the time I finished for the day I had completed 4 of the 8 foundation pieces. I'm so pleased with how the fabrics are playing together. I am also very pleased to discover that foundation piecing is not as complicated as it appeared. After the first few strips I soon got into a rhythm. I have a day off during the week so hopefully I'll get the other 4 pieces made.

The family are all returning home from their various outings so I need to put away my machine and tidy up my sewing bits. I should have time this evening for some hand stitching.


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