Thursday, 16 September 2021

A little of this and a little of that.

Although I haven't posted I've been fitting in various sewing and other crafts at every opportunity. It is sometimes a case of having 15 to 20 minutes to sew rather than a nice long session. That has meant that more hand stitching has been done than quilting.

I finally finished sewing the binding on the Mr Rabbit's Garden. I'm very pleased with this baby quilt.

I forgot to take a photo of the back which is a beautiful bright yellow. I had just enough fabric left over from another project for the backing. It's always good when you can use up all the fabric from a purchase with no scraps left over.

I've also been working on the grandmother's garden quilt. These are the last flowers to be added to the white row of the quilt.

One flower left to stitch together and then 3 to attach to the quilt. I should be able to post an update picture of this quilt. However there is still a long way to go on this project.

Next week is also the 'I'm falling for you' blog hop and I'm taking part. I've been busy cutting and stitching to get this project put together. Here are some of the fabrics I'm using.

You'll have to wait until next week to find out what I made. I love all the fall colours but here in London UK the leaves are still very green. Generally the only trees with brown leaves are the Horse Chestnuts and they are always the early ones. The conkers are all dropping now and do remember the old saying that if you want to keep spiders away put a conker in the corners of your room. I don't know if it works as I've never tried it, instead I have Casso who thinks spiders are a delicious delicacy and also great fun to pounce on.

This week I've spent some time making decisions about my doll's house. I've bought the primer in preparation of painting the building and I will get that done over the next few days. I need to make a decision on the colour for the outside but I think it will be cream. I've also bought some wooden flooring for the attics. One of the rooms in the attic is going to be a sewing room. A whole doll's house to set up and I'm planning the sewing room first. We don't have enough space for me to have a sewing room but I can set one up in the doll's house. I'm also looking for some small prints in my stash to make a quilt for the house. It needs to be 1/12 size so a 6 inch quilt would be the scale of a quilt that is 72 inches. I'm also going to use some of the Liberty Tana Lawn I've got in my stash as curtains. Many years ago, when I was 5, my father made me a 1/12 scale model of the house we lived in at the time. It was beautiful and I had great fun decorating it (under supervision and with lots of help) and then playing with it. Unfortunately, years later, it got badly damaged by two of my cousins and it was beyond repair. My father offered to make me a new one but I was at senior school and felt I must be too old for such things so said no. I so wish I'd said yes as owning a dolls house made by my father would have been very special. We do have the rocking horse he made for my children when they were small. I know I have an old photo somewhere. I feel a trip down memory lane coming on later tonight by getting out the photo albums. It's always fun to reminisce.

Today's post is very short but I will be back later. At the weekend we went walking in Suffolk and there's other sewing bits to talk about.

Take care



  1. What lovely memories you have of the dolls house built by you Dad, but have to say your cousins must have been horrible children to do so much damage. But now you can enjoy decorating and furnishing your current dolls house. Mr Rabbits Garden looks wonderful.