Tuesday, 7 September 2021

September one monthly goal

It's that time in the month when I need to think about my goal for September Some months the goal sets itself and others it's a little more difficult. This month was an easy one to identify but due to other commitments may not be possible to complete but I like a challenge 

So for this months goal I want to complete the quilting on the hare quilt. I've made a good start but there is still a lot to do, well most of it in fact. So far I have quilted one of the rows and some of the hare applique row.. In addition I've used my machine to stitch a fancy stitch over some of the seams. Other seams between rows have been stitched in the ditch. 

I have a second goal but it has to be completed by September 21st. I'm taking part in the blog hop later this month

It should all be done and dusted well before then but it's always a bit nerve racking getting everything finished on time. The hops are good fun to take part in and I've missed doing the last two or three due to home and work commitments. Sorry no sneak previews on this one.

I decided it was a good idea to try and work out some plans for the week. September is a busy time of the year as the new students are enrolled and the new course sites need to be set up online. That's without the ongoing teaching and the unexpected happening. I must get the baby quilt binding fully sewn on as it needs to be gifted very soon. Baby is due in early October. I'd hoped to finish the binding last evening but I fell asleep instead. I should finish it tonight if I can stay awake. On Tuesday evening I want to quilt one of the blocks in the Austen Family Album quilt. I haven't touched it since August 9th but I have decided how I want to quilt Once the binding is finished on the baby quilt I'm going to do some hand stitching on the Christmas tree cross stitch. I have a meeting to attend on Teams where I don't have to put my video on so I can stitch and listen and just click my microphone on and off when I need to input information or be mute. Doing the cross stitch will be easier in the daylight even though I have a daylight magnifying lamp that I use when stitching in the evening. It will probably take a while to work out where I am on the pattern.

Thursday is my day off this week and I have a couple of appointments, First my regular chiropodist appointment and then I need to take Scamp to the vet for his annual check up and boosters. Fortunately Scamp likes the vet. In the afternoon I will work on my blog hop piece but will also try to do some quilting.

Yesterday evening I set up the dolls house. It's just held together by the pieces being held in grooves as I need to paint it before I glue it together. The basement level has pieces to be added to give the street level and the steps to the basement and the front door. The pieces for this don't hold together without the glue. My son is onboard to do the lighting for me and he will also use his 3D printers and his laser cutter to make some furniture. This is a long term project.

I also have a great book about furnishing a doll's house and there's lots of ideas on Pinterest. I'm looking forward to making some quilts for the beds.

I'm linking this post with Patty from Elm Street Quilts for the September OMG link up. Lots of blog posts to go and read and always lots of quilting and stitching eye candy.

Take care



  1. Good luck working on your projects. Is the dolls' house a replica of your own? I hope you get your hare quilt done this month. It looks like an interesting mix of piecing, appliqué and embroidery as well as quilting. I like mixing the techniques up myself too.

  2. Best of luck with this month's goals, Lyndsey!

  3. The baby quilt is a priority, and then you can work on your other projects. It's a busy life you lead, working with your students as well as every thing else going on.

  4. My goodness, definitely one busy lady. I take my hat off to you. Look forward to seeing how things come together & hope you get the baby quilt finished before bub arrives. Doll's house looks like a lot of work, but also fun. Take care & hugs.