Friday 27 April 2012

Where did the week go?

It seems as if this week has raced past in a flash and I seem to have achieved very little. I realised on Tuesday that I was teaching all day today and needed to prepare the classes. I also realised that tomorrow I am running a training session for leaders who run Rainbows ( 5 to 7 year old members of The Guide Association) and this too needed to be organised. So sewing activities have been rather slow this week. However slow doesn't mean I haven't achieved anything.

On Tuesday having gone through all my stash of fabrics and come to the conclusion that I didn't have anything suitable to use as a border for the quilt top made with the left over squares from the Guides I headed to the shops. I found a great mustard coloured fabric that works really well and the border just needs sewing on. At the same time I picked up a couple of remnants of fabric with roses on it for my Grandmother's garden quilt. Whilst travelling I have managed to complete 4 'flowers' although I am not sure if I am going to use the one with the pink outside layer as I think I want more flowers on each piece. I also decided that I would not add another round to each. I have had great fun drawing out different ways of using this design. I haven't finally decided how I am going to piece them together but that doesn't matter as I need to make a lot more.

I said I would post a tutorial on how to do the English paper piecing method of patchwork. This will be completed at the latest by Monday. This really makes a portable project.

As for Yellowy he has a fleece patch on his head as the hole made by Scamp was too big to close. He is also sporting a new ear in fleece with chamois on the inside. The second will be added tomorrow evening. I hope Lucy likes him when he is finished. Since even if I wash him he won't come up yellow I think I will have to make the new fabric look less pristine. I am considering adding embroidered eyes and a nose.

I have completed 5 of the Dresden plate blocks so only 4 more to go, which I aim to do next week. I also have a quilt top waiting to be quilted. I haven't taken a photo yet but will do that next week. I am going to keep the quilting simple and I am going to do it on the machine. The last time I made a quilt many years ago I hand quilted it. I need to practice machine quilting so I can master the beautiful patterns that can be created. At the moment my machine is in control rather than me.

On Wednesday evening the Guides got down to finishing their quilts. Only a few more to go. They really have worked well on this project.

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