Tuesday 1 May 2012

The rain doesn't matter I'm having fun stitching!

What an incredibly wet weekend it has been with very little time to get out into the garden or even to take the dog for anything but the shortest of walks. Even the cat who usually spends most of the day outside has been prowling the house making a lot of noise because he can't go out. However the up side to all that is that it means sitting and stitching is not seen as wasting time that could be spent on all the other jobs that need doing.

This weekend I set out with the intention of completing the brown and yellow quilt and making a start on quilting the toddler quilt I have made for the Linus project.I also thought I might get a chance to finish the Rainbow quilt that my Rainbow unit designed and have helped to sew. The girls have really enjoyed learning how to use the sewing machine and only one block needed unpicking and resewing. So on Saturday afternoon I set about making my quilt sandwich. I had got it all beautifully flat and ready for tacking and decided I would have a cup of tea before I started. When I came back I found that Picasso our cat had crawled between the layers and I had to start all over again.

He decided he would be helpful for a while so I had to put it away. On Sunday I got it all organised and started the quilting. He decided he would play catch my hand by poking his paw under the arm of the machine. The only way to get anything done was to banish him from the room which meant putting up with his loud mewing through the door. I didn't complete the quilting as I needed to prepare some teaching for yesterday. Never mind I will finish it tomorrow.

I also spent time this weekend sorting through my scraps and organising them. I would love to be able to copy an idea on one of the blogs I have read of sorting by colour into large jars. The scraps look so pretty but unfortunately I have limited storage space and the pieces take up less room in bags in a box.

Having got all the ironing up to date I was going through my wardrobe and realised I don't have any summer dresses. A quick search through my fabric and patterns provided me with a project for next week once all the quilting is done. 

The tutorial on English patchwork is almost complete I just need my son to do a couple of photographs for me - impossible to photograph your own hands doing stitching without the aid of a tripod.

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