Monday, 25 June 2012

Baby Quilt finished

This week has been quite a lean time for stitching as I have spent time helping to get an elderly gentleman friend settled into his new care home. He seems quite happy and loves the fact that it has its own bar. Even better is the fact that the beer is free.

On Wednesday I met Indie's baby Isobel for the first time. She is really cute and I am pleased with the cot quilt I have made for her.

The quilt has already had two washes. Whilst pinning the outer border I stabbed myself with a pin and the injury bleed over the white border. In trying to avoid the quilt I made it worse so into the washing machine it went as I didn't want any blood stains on it. Then when hand stitching the binding I did exactly the same thing. Never mind the quilt looks good, is all finished and clean and ready to go to Indie.

I also found time to stitch this top together. This one is destined to go to Project Linus. I hope to get the borders cut out today and to have it finished by the end of the week.

Taking part in Work in progress Wednesday also got me thinking about how long I spend on the different projects. When you are doing something you enjoy you lose all sense of time, however I thought it might be interesting to see just where my time goes over a week. So from this morning I am going to try and keep track of just how long things take to do.

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