Wednesday 27 June 2012

TAST and WIP Wednesday

I have just added a button for Take a stitch Tuesday run by Sharon over at Pintangle. Each week she explains how to work a different stitch. Over time that is a lot of new or different embroidery stitches. Having visited this blog regularly I decided it was time to join in. The stitch this week is Palestrina stitch. I had a little time spare and tried it out. I was pleased with the result and will certainly be able to use it in the future. I found it a little difficult to do at first but soon got the hang of it by following the excellent instructions. I run out of time so haven't completely finished my little sample.

Also on Pintangle Sharon is running Work in Progress Wednesday to try and encourage people with large projects that are progressing very slowly or may have stalled all together to try and complete them. I am linking my work on my millennium sampler with WIP Wednesday as since I have included it on my blog I have managed to move forward and I am starting to see a possible finish date. 

This week I decided to see how long I actually spent working on the sampler and considering there isn't very much progress to see I was staggered that it had taken me four and a half hours. I worked on the top of the column and I also added quite a few single stitches throughout the work where there was just one stitch of a colour waiting to be added. To get this finished this year I am going to have to find some more hours for it from somewhere.

Even though progress is very slow I am pleased with what I have achieved and I have actually started to like the piece again. As it was taking me so long I had become very bored and disillusioned with it.

Do use the TAST button to take a look at pintangle as it is an excellent site. It has a wealth of inspiration and ideas and loads of instructions for stitches plus hints and tips. It is well worth visiting.


  1. Welcome to the world of TAST and WIPW. I have found so much encouragement from the other participants I am sure you will too.
    Your Palestrina piece is cute and your cross stitch sampler full of details. Keep up the good work.

    1. Thanks for your comments. The feedback from people is really encouraging.

  2. Welcome to TAST and Work In Progress Wednesday. You Palestrina stitch sampler looks great. I'm looking forward seeing your progress on your millenium sampler. I know counted cross stitch takes a lot of time!