Thursday 29 November 2012

WIP - Yes a little progress.

It seems like ages since my last post but it is in fact just a week. I'm not sure exactly why it has been impossible to post but every time I've gone near my computer something has got in the way. The same is also true of my various sewing projects. However I have managed a very little amount of progress over the week.

First I have managed to do a small amount of work on my cross stitch. I have almost completed the Santa Maria.

I've started doing the outlining and there is still the date and name of the ship to add. I was hoping to get two or three of these small areas completed before Christmas but I am now planning on completing this piece by February. 

I have also found time to cut out the pieces for the 6 mini tote bags I need to put the Christmas presents for my Guide leaders in.

These are the piles of strips ready to be sewn. I thought about using the bag for the girls presents but there really isn't time to get them finished. So I have pulled up a paper pattern I have using wrapping paper. I'm going to start making them tomorrow.

I have also started cutting out 2 and a half inch squares from the Cherry Christmas roll I won at Happy Quilting earlier this year. I have decided to make a Christmas quilt. It may or may not be finished for this year but it will certainly be ready for use next year.

As you can see I haven't got very far but I only decided to do this last night just before I went to bed. I am now completely sold on the use of pre cut fabrics. The roll is 21/2 inches wide and is cutting up really easily. I'll be able to post a photo of a completed block tomorrow.

On other projects I haven't done any work on my Dresden plate quilt as I have been sewing an advent calendar together. I need to get it finished for Saturday. I think I need to go through my work basket because I can't even remember my other ongoing projects. I'm hoping that December will be a good month for sewing as I finish work for the Christmas holiday on December 14th and don't go back to work until January 7th. 

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