Sunday, 2 December 2012

NewFO November

Barbara at Cat Patches runs a monthly challenge called NewFO or new fabric objects. The challenge is to start at least one new project every month. The size of the project doesn't matter, the important thing is to enjoy the pleasure of starting something new and  oh joy of joys there is no need to finish the project in the month . . . . or ever!

So what have I started new in November? Well first I had signed up for the Holiday Lane blog hop at Sew we Quilt. This was a fun project and went together easily. The pillow will look great when I decorate the house for Christmas - a little job for later today and I'm already getting excited. I made the pillow as a slip so that once Christmas is over I can use the inner pillow with a different slip .......I'm thinking possibly something to celebrate valentine's day but there are lots of options.

The pillow was also an opportunity to use some star buttons I had bought years ago because I knew they would come in useful one day and a time to play with sequins and the glitter embroidery thread. This project was also a finish in November.

Another November start was the advent calendar for my daughter. We bought this in October and I meant to get started immediately but got interested in other things. It was easy to put together but not as interesting as creating my own item. I think half the fun of making things is choosing the fabrics and deciding on the design you want to do. I finally finished this today and it is now full of sweets and on its way to Bath with my daughter. I forgot to take a photo of it once finished. 

I decided to make a Christmas present for Picasso, our cat. Our pets always get presents but usually they are in the form of food treats. Picasso likes something soft to cuddle up in, it doesn't matter what it is. Getting my work outfit out for an early start the next day has sometimes proved disastrous as Picasso has curled up on part of it and left cat hair everywhere. So the plan was a soft cuddly quilt we could put in his favourite spot.

I love the cat print and Picasso loves the quilt which he likes put in the dog basket. He now sleeps there all night and doesn't disturb even if anyone comes in late. If you are worried about where the dog sleeps don't as he has always slept on the foot of our bed - he is a Yorkshire Terrier and so doesn't take up much room. Scamp uses his basket during the day. Whilst I remember I am having a give away of a quarter of a yard width of fabric piece of the cat print on my post tomorrow to help celebrate my birthday which is next weekend. Come back tomorrow to find out more.

I bought some Clarice Cliff print fabric and I have started creating some table mats. I don't have a photo of how far I have progressed but here is a photo of the fabric.

There are 5 different panels  across the width and I managed to get 2 sets. I decided to keep the finished mats square rather than add width to make them into rectangles. The backing fabric is a gorgeous orange and I am using heat resistant batting.

I started making 6 mini Christmas tote bags to put the leaders presents in at Guides. The party isn't until the 19th December so this project will easily be completed very soon. On Wednesday these bags were looking like this - 6 little piles of strips cut out.

Five of them now look like this. I run out of batting so I need to go to my favourite quilt shop very soon. Another of lifes' little hardships.

I had a play at FMQ doing holly leaves. You can just see one if you look carefully at the photo below. I know I need lots more practice at this game. I have to concentrate so hard it gives me a headache. Still it's fun to have a go. 

If you want to know how to make a mini tote bag go to friendship bag tutorial at Rachel's blog ps i quilt. I used this pattern to make these two bags earlier this year.

I started a Christmas quilt using the Cherry Christmas jelly roll I won from Melissa at Happy Quilting. I have cut some of the fabric out ..... ahhh pre cuts make this job so much quicker. That's as far as I have got and I'm not expecting to finish it for this Christmas.  December is a busy enough month without adding that kind of pressure.

I think that is all my November NewFO's. Why not pop over to Cat Patches to see what everyone else has been up to.


  1. What cute projects, Lyndsey. Love your embellishments and your kitty quilt. My kitties are getting their own Christmas stockings this year. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Love your projects, your Holiday Lane turned out so cute too and the bags will be great to use for Christmas.

  3. How interesting, a completely different angle from the usual 'finish it up' challenges.=) I think if I were to start something new each month as things are right now, I'd be inundated with WIPs or UFOs within a year, would achieve very little in the way of completions and end up somewhat fed up. Still, we're all different, no?=) I could go for a *finish* every month challenge...


  4. Cool! I especially love the nativity train and the Clarice Cliff prints. I love Barbara's NewFO "game." My projects are so big and complicated that it's very easy to get swamped in discouragement because of the vast amount of time each requires. So I work in a cyclical fashion, and it's a very rejuvenating thing to get to start something new each month. Sometimes I use that slot for an untouched kit out of my storage, sometimes I use it for a small, quickly-finished project or a gift.