Sunday, 30 December 2012

A slow relaxing Sunday

All the Christmas visits are over and there is now time to relax after a little bit of tidying. We still have our tree up as we have some visitors for New Year and the lights on the tree look beautiful at night. I normally take it down on New Years day but often in the UK trees stay up till 12th night. It is considered bad luck to leave it up any longer than that. 

This morning I have been getting on with some cutting and a little sewing. I have cut up my Cherry Christmas jelly roll to make a Christmas quilt, I plan on being ahead next year! I've even sewn some of the blocks together but you'll have to come back tomorrow to see them when I join Barbara's December NewFO linky over at Cat Patches. 

I made a cute little tea cosy for my daughter Lucy. Her brother gave her a diffuser teapot for Christmas as she likes using leaf tea. 

I used some of the rose fabric my older daughter gave me for Christmas to  make the cosy. This is most appropriate as Lucy's middle name is Rose. The back of the cosy is quilted with parallel lines and on the front I stitched 'Time for tea' which unfortunately doesn't really show up on the photo so I haven't bothered showing you that.

Richard also gave Lucy a really cute milk jug. Lucy's favourite animal has always been rabbits.

The teapot and milk jug are perfect for two mugs of tea..... cups are just too small. I also thought I'd show you the fabric I used to make my needle case many years ago. I love bright, happy, playful fabrics.

The needle case is always stuffed full of needles as I take it with me to Guides if we are doing any stitching. In the lead up to Christmas I was helping the Brownies (7 to 10 year olds') make some stitched decorations whilst others were using glitter to create their cards. When I opened my needle case this morning I found a heap of glitter on the pages with the needles we were using. It's now all over the floor but it made smile as I remembered what a fun evening we had making cards, presents and decorations.

Today is the first day in ages it hasn't rained here in London so I'm going to take Scamp out for a long walk. I decided in the run up to Christmas that I really must lose some weight and get fit. I also made the decision not to wait for new year and so I've walked at least 3 miles every day since Christmas Eve. Yes I even walked on Christmas Day and that walk was 6 miles. Although I didn't eat less over Christmas the extra exercise has stopped me putting on any additional weight. 

I hope you have time for some sewing today. Come back tomorrow and join the NewFO linky.

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